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    anything arty eg;messy and creative stuff!!! watching weird art movies, listening to music and finding out about little unknown bands, chatting to random people and finding out that there is just so much interesting stuff to know. Dancing in the rain,in the sun, in my kitchen hehe.laughing so hard you cant breathe[normally about nothing], lie ins,going out to clubs [therefore dancing some more], beaches, traveling,reading, dressing up weirdly and wondering around the house, soup!!!spending days out in London with my friends, doing spontaneous things..urm...loads of stuff that i cant think of right now!!!<br />also check out <br />www.postsecret.com <br /> www.postcardpolaroid.com <br />-i love these websites!

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  1. Heyo sugar tits, hit me up to make me feel gooooood;)

  2. hey i finished taking accutane half a year ago for my morate/severe acne and still have significant red marks-i'm 21 now but hope that by the time i am 24 my marks will have faded as well as yours have. have you ever thought about using lazers to help remove the marks or done anything else apart fro the nutmeg and honey mask?Your skin is inspiring to see and it looks very beautiful so well done:D x
  3. aww if i could i would give you a hug... and just importantly to say that i hope tat you are not put off by the experience of the guy but that if you find someone else you like that you have the courage to ask them out- i know you probably dont want to hear it but its a big world and one day you will find a guy tht cares about more than just about the outside , i mean he will think u look hot as f*** but also love your personality and love that more!!! also i see that you wrote that your mom
  4. hey just to say that i am a girl of 20 and i too never used to ever wear makeup- then my skin got bad and so i started wearing it...i never go out without something covering my marks... but i never think of it as a lie until i am in a longer term relationship... dates are like interviews for a job [ in some ways lol] you want to look your best because you want to impress- without makeup i just can not talk to people at all- even friends- and so i stand no chance talking to guys... but with mak
  5. heyyy check out my new progress pics =)

  6. up til the age of 15 i had very mild acne and it never bothered me- at the time i didnt notice that a few of my friends had acne pretty badly- i didnt notice it til i got it myself and now i notice a persons skin before i notice anything else- which leads me to believe that certainly there are a few people like me,who having not experienced acne really and truly dont notice it on other people!!! x
  7. hey vanessa! hows the tane going recently-? hope that your skin is continuing to improve and that the actives have stopped! how long have you been on this course now? also was just reading the supplements that you are taking and was wondering what you think of them- which one is most effective [i know its hard to say what positive reactions are to the different tablets and such when you are taking them all at the same time tho!] anyway i take it u are still on tane- hope its going well and th
  8. hey! wow thats great- some terrific results- i cant see any red marks or anything on your cheeks- thats encouraging because altho my skin is much worse than your is in your jan pic my cheeks are very full of red marks and if they even decrease by a fraction of what yours did i will be so happy!!! did you use any special products on your red marks to make them fade so well? x
  9. hey i am on my 5th month of accutane course and while thats different to the regime when i use sudocrem it does help my active spots to dry out and they scab over a lot quicker so for me using sudocrem is worth it- however , unless you have mild acne i would not advise using sudocrem on its oen as i simply do not think its strong enough to cope with acne- however as a spot treatment during tane it works a charm!! x
  10. hey! wow thats fantastic ! its so great to see these fantastic results- im on day111 and still breaking out here and there but its getting better- your skin healed so quickly so thats great!!! x
  11. No worries. I used to live in Englefield Green (surrey) It was about 45minutes from London. Im back in the states now though but I love England!!

  12. hey - just to say well done for completing the course and its good ur getting fantastic lasting results!!! xx
  13. hey! sorry i took ages to reply to your comment- i will check out your tane blog again soon- yep im on my 4th month of tane and its going ok- still breaking out a little tho- arghhh!!!

    u enjoying the summer? been up to much? xxx

  14. hey- you left a comment on my profile a while ago- yep i live in england near london but am originally from south africa- sorry i took ages to reply- where do you live?


  15. hey, here's some advice i got about going to uni with acne and i think it might be worth you having a look at their replies- they certainly had some good tips and ideas for me and i think they might be relevant and help you a little... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;#entry2189168 let me know if this link works otherwise its under my posts on my profile page also i had a therapist which was mainly to help me through depression and i shared with her my concerns about my acne