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  1. One clinic near me (Waterloo, ON, CA) offers RF microneedling using the Alma V Shape Ultra. I googled it and information on it was scarce. This video is the most informative I've found on the device. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ClV02y-dms The clinic's consultant told me that needles penetrate the skin at a fixed depth, with the heat input controlled by the doctor. Does anyone have experience with this machine or something that works the same way? I am looking into getting RF
  2. Hey, it's me again. A few months ago, we concluded that it made sense for me to do subcision, then TCA Cross. And follow that with RF Microneedling to promote collagen growth to the wounds created by the previous procedures. I had subcision done May 30th, and TCA Cross done August 3rd. I want to book an appointment for RF Microneedling on October 11. I was thinking of doing subcision that day as well. Because it's cheap in comparison, it would have been 4.5 months since my last sub, and I w
  3. I read the chemical peel guide, and it mentioned using Vaseline first, then aloe + honey. So for keeping the wound moist, would it then be: - Have TCA Cross done. - Wait 24 hours - Apply vaseline/anti biotic ointment - After scabs fall off, apply aloe vera + honey for the redness There was also something about patting the wound with gauze soaked in vinegar. Is that just the vinegar bought from grocery stores?
  4. I'm looking up post care for TCA Cross and came upon your advice. The way I understand it is the wound heals better if kept moist and a scab is not allowed to form. So the aloe vera helps keeping it moist while the honey is anti-bacterial. Is this correct? Regarding using honey and aloe vera, are you supposed to mix the two, then apply it to areas that had TCA? How long after the procedure should you first apply the mixture?
  5. I ordered a set of cups, but it will take a month for them to arrive. The way I understand it, whether I'm doing cupping or fillers, I should wait a month after the operation. Is that how it works? I might get temp fillers, but if I do, what good are subcision treatments in the near future? If my scars are filled, how will passing a needle beneath them do anything?
  6. I'm treating scars on my entire face. They are worse on my forehead, followed by temples.
  7. Hello again. I went for a consultation with Dr. Sajic and booked an appointment for subcision a month from now. You mentioned the use of retin-a, tretinorin, or differin nightly. Is this specifically done post-procedure for acne treatments to promote collagen growth? As in, if I don't do treatments, those products won't heal my scars. But after a treatment, they will help achieve better results. I asked about TCA Cross from the same doctor, and he recommends a month long brightening regimen
  8. Thanks for the reply. I booked a consultation with Dr. Sajic one month for now. I'll see how it goes. It's either him or Solomon at this point. What do you think about temporary HA fillers with subcision? Is it worth getting fillers with every session, or intermittently? The treatment plan would be something like Subcision + TCA Cross, then wait 3 months. RF needling, wait 3 months, then Subcision + TCA?
  9. I have significant scarring on my forehead and temple. I'm thinking Subcision + HA filler for the tethered scars and TCA Cross for the icepick scars is the way to go. I intend to get a consultation from a dermatologist, but I figured it would be helpful to get some input from this forum. Most importantly, I am looking for recommendations for dermatologists in Ontario that can perform Subcision or TCA Cross. If you got good results or know someone who has, please let me know. Here are a few