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  1. I've been on this for what seems like forever. It has actually been around 2 and a half years or so. I have literally gone through it all.. antibiotics, creams, blah blah blah.... so I offer everyone my advice.. if you have any questions seriously IM me.. spydercomp01, or email me at [email protected] and I will help you out the best I can. I am pretty clear now.. if anyone wants a picture, also email me. I'm 21, male, and I live in St. Louis. Just to let you know.. haha. Peace.. Ryan
  2. yeah water can definitely have an affect on your skin. if you have hard water, it can dry your skin out and essentially cause acne. i do agree with you, though, because i stopped the regimen and now i'm back on it. i can show anyone pictures that when i quit, i looked HORRIBLE. now i'm fine again. and i think people make too big of a deal out of the cleanser they use (probably can't build up a tolerance to it) since all it does is helps prepare your skin for bp. something gentle to get the
  3. beer = pimples weed = pimples fatty foods = pimples people argue with me on this all the time, but when you put something into your body that is harmful to your body, bad things happen. common sense, really ryan
  4. try eucerin sensitive skin cleanser. worked for me, anyways. doesn't smell too bad lathers up nice.. washes off clean. ryan
  5. yeah you can do whatever you want, but i wouldn't recommend it. not to stay on dan's regimen, anyways. i don't bet, but if i did i'd have to put money on that burning your face off. gentle cleanser, bp, moisturizer. that's it, man. ryan
  6. believe it or not, i use eucerin sensitive skin face cleanser and it has worked wonders for me. i used to use purpose, basis, and many others. give it a try it's about 6 bucks at walgreens.
  7. here's what i did in california: followed regimen as usual, just added sunscreen. simple as that, man. just do your normal routine in the morning except 15 min. after you're normally done add some spf 40 or whatever you want. ryan
  8. ok, so in high school i was rough on my skin -- not really washing it every night, using rubbing alcohol, not using anything special.. so then last february i started using the regimen to get clear and i moved from that to differin to tazorac.. so i finally decided.. screw it. heres my regimen now and i'm clearer than i have been in several months (i was clear on the regimen but VERY red and irritated) morn/night: clearasil advanced sa wash, clear pore astringent with sa morn: eucerin night:
  9. me and my friends have had this trip to california planned for like 6 months and i'm scared i'm gonna fry!! i'm on mino, taz, and clinda.. i use eucerin with spf every day, but don't think that when i hit the beach, that will do enough for me. any suggestions? i'm not leaving til may 18th..
  10. only side effect i had was it made me sick.. like.. i was really sick to my stomach if i didnt eat anything. oh, it also made me poo blood. so now i'm on mino.
  11. "Would this be a very bad idea or what??" are you kidding??? hope you enjoy your small penis, cystic acne, weak heart, loss of hair, intestinal parasites, bad back, brain tumor, and countless other negative side effects that you will experience. don't you learn anything from the news?
  12. no, financially i'm ok. well, except for the fact that every two months i go to the derm and he gives me like 4 different meds! my insurance sucks at the beginning of the year too because of my 250 premium... UGH! yeah i know im' not alone, it just seems like i've been dealing with this for too long. i mean, i remember in high school i didn't even care, though, because so many people had acne. like i never even worried about my skin. but the older i get, the more i care. i wish i could
  13. to start i'm a 19 year old male.. acne since.. oohhh crap 15. had a brief period when i worked at walmart where it was hidden (i worked outside so i was super tan) and then another couple month period where i was clear on the regimen (but i got tired of being BRIGHT red and such)... i just hate it that noone around me can really relate to me. my friends, family, and coworkers are all acne free.. even the people i talk to at school are acne free. sometimes i wish i had someone to talk openly
  14. i used to be on the regimen and was pretty clear but decided to quit because the bp was so harsh on my skin and other various reasons. i am now on tazorac and it helped clear up the little white bumps on my face, but seems that my face is SUPER oily now and i have only a couple pimples but several pores that appear to be red... it's not like normal acne.. it's weird.. does anyone know if these will go away with time or if i should use something else in conjunction? i use taz once a day at night