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  1. I know that my shipment has arrived in my country. I saw this in my updates and I know that it said that it has arrived in my country, but it has never been delivered to me. I don't know whose fault it is but I've never received my package. And also I haven't received any email from you yet. I don't know who I should ask to help me with this matter. I contacted DHL international who were responsible for delivering my package and they told me it's not their fault and told me to contact the P
  2. In the beginning of April I ordered the acne.org regimen and I've never received it. I've written emails to this company but no one has answered me. I demand refund for this. I attached a screenshot of the order updates.
  3. So I purchased acne.org regimen and it was sent on April 1st and I still haven't received it. I know it's in my country already (I'm not from the US and I got a notification that the package has arrived in the capital on April 10th) and I've been waiting to receive it ever since. I contacted DHL, they told me to contact acne.org so I did. No one's responding to my emails. Have any of you had a similar situation?
  4. Does the acne.org regiment get rid of whiteheads and blackheads or does it only help with inflamed acne?