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  1. @beautifulambition Gotcha, okay thank you!! Sorry one last question, so during TCA cross when it widens the scar: 1. Will the scar ultimately become bigger? 2. the “widening” of the scar I’m assuming then makes it easier to make it more “even/ raised” texturally?
  2. @beautifulambition Hi! Just wanted to give you and anyone else who stumbles upon this post a small update. So I just got an email back from Dr. Rullan's office ( I had sent them an inquiry just before posting on the forum). Like you guessed, Dr. R suggested the Phenol peel as the first option at (estimate $6K) and it would need to be done only 1x with a 2week downtime. And then the second choice is a combination of Subcision, Microneedling and Cross carbolic ($1250/per time wit
  3. @beautifulambition Wow, thank you so much. I will look into all of this and I will report back once I start treatment!!
  4. Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some help on a treatment plan for my boxcar scarring and another scarring. I'm currently in Los Angeles (without the LA budget lol- so the more affordable the better!) A little background- 3 years ago (8/2016) I went on BC (IUD-Mirena) and it destroyed my skin. A year later (9/2017) I finally took it out. Around (10 or 11/2017) I went into Dr. Rosenberg (Beverly Hills) for a Groupon laser tattoo removal. During the tattoo treatments, Dr. R came in to