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  1. true dat, just thought id put it out there before i booked an appointment
  2. Yeah but you were on a normal dose I imagine...thats the point of my question i'm on a very low dose
  3. Why do you say 6 months? Bear in mind the low dose I'm taking
  4. Yeah thanks for the advice, I tend to agree with you, I get the impression that the clinic quote that waiting period in order to cover their backs from any legal problems.
  5. Hi all, I'm currently using a very low dose of accutane, 5mg per day on average, and have been for the last 7 months. I initially thought this might provide some relief from oily skin and acne without any side effects and was willing to stay on it for a long while but in fact I still experience facial redness/flushing in certain situations (cold weather, drinking, when stressed) and subsequently would like to stop and try something else although it has kept my acne nicely under control. My que
  6. Hi all, Am considering the isolaz treatment for my acne and was simply wondering if any of you that have tried it or know people who have know whether it helps at all with oil levels? It seems to suggest this on the company's website but as you can imagine I'm not just going to take their word for it. Any help would be much appreciated! Tom
  7. Thanks guys, very helpful. I think I'll cut out the protein shakes for now at least and maybe get back in the gym next week just to see if weight lifting seems to have any effect on my acne. It has definately improved since I stopped going to the gym/protein shakes, just need to work out which the main factor was. Anyone else got any experience of weight training being a contributing factor to acne due to increased testosterone?
  8. BUMP, would really appreciate some advice here guys
  9. Yeah, I'm still doing pretty good. Anyone else got any ideas about the protein shake I mention above. Acne causing ingredients? The presence of dairy derivatives is a problem I would assume
  10. Hi all, Recently cut out my weight training (3 times a week, big compound movements like squats, deadlifts, bench press) and quit my protein shakes to see if it would have an effect on my acne and one week in my skin seems to have improved, not really broken out at all since touch wood. So now I'm trying to work out which was the defining factor (if it continues), the weight training which i know would've been raising my testosterone levels, the protein shake whose ingredients are as follows:
  11. Thanks guys. Differin gel does actually seem to be controlling my oiliness if you might consider trying that
  12. Just wondering if anyone had any concrete answers to whether retinoids control oil production and how they do it if so.
  13. Try milk of magnesia, its a laxative but really good mask to put on your face if you can get your head around that, put on for fifteen mins or so to absorb oil in the morning. Can even put a thin layer under your make up if your a girl. All according to Paula Begoun's advice. Really cheap as well. Just search it on here, sometimes called simply MOM