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  1. id say def worth mentioning it to your derm. theres something in the leaflets about headaches, its not worth taking the risk by ignoring it!
  2. i did a course of accutane for about 9.5 months at 30mg a day for mild/moderate acne. i weigh about 60kg. i had tried lots of other treatments, antibiotics, topicals, diet, natural remedies. i cleared at about month 3 or 4 and since that time ive had 2 spots. im now 3 wks off tane and my skin has only improved. i get the odd tiny clogged pore but nothing comes of it. im thrilled to bits with my skin. i had barely any side effects, dry lips and slightyl dry skin to start with. my hair if anything
  3. i was on 30mg a day for mild moderate acne, didnt have an IB and was clear completly by about month 3. best of luck!
  4. if they were already there before i wouldnt worry! u can probably expect the odd one or not, but its nothing 2 get worked up about. congrat on the clear skin!
  5. sorry snack and lee that u had/are having breakouts. i hope things work out better for you. nvranka yeah i guess you're right, u cant even remember where i read it, somewhere on these boards anyway. i hope u have great results like the ppl u know. anyone else experience this?
  6. ive read the odd post about ppl finishing their course, experiencing a small breakout, but then remaining clear. how common is this?
  7. hey. sorry tane gave u some nasty side effects that you are still having to deal with. and thanks for the mention bt diary, i had been thinking about that. hope things work out for you
  8. could anyone even tell me if ive reached my cumulative dose?
  9. im pretty sure ppl have posted questions about this time and time again but i couldnt find one. what are the success rates for accutane for long term remission/even a total cure? im coming to the end of my course and getting a bit worried. ive been on 30mg a day for about 10 months and i weigh 60kg. i know usually a course isnt that long but i was going with the low dose longer course route. i think i reached my cumulative dose im not sure how 2 work it out. ive been clear since about month 4 ex