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  1. Yes my skin was very dry, flaky...I found that using a toner (I use Sukin micellar water) really helped to reduce the flakiness and as a result my breakouts slowed down immensely...I also think the flaky skin clogs your pores and causes more pimples, as soon as I was able to get that under control my breakouts pretty much stopped. Anyways hang in there!!
  2. I know exactly how you feel. I was in your predicament two months ago! My skin went through the cycle of clearing then breaking out for weeks and weeks and it was so frustrating. I also broke out using jojoba oil so I had to stop. In the end the stress caused my breakouts to flare up even more so I had to learn to stop looking in the mirror and fussing over or picking at my skin. I know it's tough but try to stick with it and don't pick or touch your skin! Good luck
  3. To be honest I wanted to quit after the first month but I stuck with it! I guess I started to notice results when I hit the three month mark, and things began to improve more each week. I still get the odd pimple and also have marks to contend with but I'm thankful to be clear! Good luck with your journey and hang in there!
  4. So I've been on the regimen for four months now and after nearly three months of constant breakouts I'm happy to report I'm finally clear. I have one pimple at the moment but it's small, and I haven't had a dreaded cyst in weeks. The flakiness is completely gone as well. I'm now just left with a bit of hyperpigmentation but no major or deep scarring. I'm just using a derma rolling kit at the moment to help fade the marks. Anyway it's been a long and arduous four months and I never thought I'd
  5. I use Sukin organics sensitive moisturizer. To be honest your skin will be red, dry and flaky for a few weeks while it adjusts to the BP. I found using a toner helped to gently remove the excess flakes, but I only introduced this once my breakouts calmed down. Good luck.
  6. Um I'm not spamming..as you can see I've been a member of this site for many many years and just wanted to share my experience. I haven't seen any derma rollers in the stores, they're not readily available where I am in Australia so I've had to order it online anyway!
  7. Try Banish Scars! Look them up on Instagram - people have had amazing results. They have one you can use if you have active acne, a pen stamp, which I've just started to use. They have a serum you apply after using the roller which also helps fade scars and hyper-pigmentation
  8. Hmm I'd say before - because my micellar water (it's an Australian organic brand called Sukin) you have to wash off after applying, so I just cleanse afterwards. Also in the morning I don't cleanse, I just wash my face with water after using micellar. Good luck
  9. Thanks - the breakouts are getting less and less and my forehead is finally completely clear! I have mostly marks and a few clogged pores but thankfully no painful nodules. I'm only on week 9 so hoping that by week 12 I see more improvement.
  10. Have you considered maybe dropping jojoba oil from your routine? I found it broke me out! I'm nearing the end of week 9 and finally don't have any flaky skin. The reason why is because I started using micellar water day and night, I'd use cotton wool to gently exfoliate and within a week the flakes were gone. I don't know if it'll work for you but it did wonders for me. I found having flaky skin contributed to breakouts as the dead skin clogged my pores. Now I'm no longer flaky, the breakouts ha
  11. Hi I'm on my eighth week of the regimen and just when I thought I was clearing up I had another breakout. Is this normal? How long will this go on for? I'm just over the whole thing - I'm getting really depressed about my skin. It's still a bit flaky in places too and I had to stop using jojoba because it was breaking me out. I slather on the moisturiser where I can. I went to the doctor today and she prescribed me with doxycline and also epiduo, but I was going to give this a good three months
  12. Yep, sorry to say! :(:( but stick with it! I'm on week 8, still breaking out but it's slowed and seems to clear quicker. Good luck!
  13. If you don't have active acne I wouldn't go on the regimen - it might make you breakout via the purging process that can go on for weeks (has for me) I'd maybe start using a bit of AHA and see how you go. AHA and BP is good for active acne not marks. Good luck.
  14. I'm on week 7 and in the same boat - however it's not excessive since I've stepped up the Amount of moisturizer I use..maybe use a lot of moisturizer with the jojoba mixed in, then dab jojoba on the really dry areas. You're not alone, I've read heaps of posts about people going through the same thing. Maybe go easy on the BP application until your skin adjusts. Good luck.
  15. Sounds like what I went through - I broke out the worst in weeks four and five...mostly getting whiteheads now, though there is one painful one near my brow. Hang in there - the first few weeks are the hardest! I have definitely seen smoother bump free skin despite the breakouts isolated to many forehead. Good luck.