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  1. it doesnt look too bad, but its not good either. ur going to have a tough time with it. even though ur acne might stop the red marks take sooo long to be gone
  2. so anyone else tried out this product? is it very effective? did anyone see results in a short period of time?
  3. People don't recommend the other products. The cleanser is the thing. And yes it works, but for me it's was not very effective, though it was the best I've tried so far i think. so i wash my face with the cleanser and then i put toner on it? no mosturizer or anything?
  4. Dose aqua glycolic really work? How long do u have to use it to see results? Im thinking about buying it so i buy the whole set right? the cleaner, toner and face cream. its like proactiv rite? the 3 steps
  5. is daily glycolic creams that contain around 10% better than a peel? which would give better/faster results?
  6. Should i try doing a glycolic peel? because i saw a glycolic peel thing that you can do by urself at home. do u think it works well? would u see results like after u use it once or would u have to use it alot? and is it possible to get burns and ur face turn even more red?
  7. i got mine from shoppers drug mart. u know that pharmacy thing at shoppers drug mart? ask for it there my marks are pretty bad but its not ALL over my face, its not completely covered with it. i have some red marks and darker red marks and some brown marks. so id say about 7-8ish out of 10 yeah it will work if u have 100 red marks i dont think it improves ur acne but i also have active acne and i still used it. but most people say u should wait untill ur acne clears to treat marks but i co
  8. Neostrata HQ plus gel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has 4% hydroquinone and 5% glycolic acid!! day 1: when i first applied it nothing happened and i saw nooo difference watsoever. day 2: same as day 1 i didnt see ANY results day 3: same as day 1 and 2 NOO results day 4: my red spots turned pink. day 5: my red spots has turned more pink but also my skin that wasnt red became pinkish but not too much day 6: same as day 5 day 7: my skin colour returned to normal and now my red spots are like
  9. i used a 4% hydroquine mixed with 5% glycolic acid for around 1 week, and i havent seen much of a change. the red marks has become a little pink thats all. I wonder if it will actually work if i keep using it
  10. omgggg thats so gay i wasted my money then should i buy a 10% glycolic gel?
  11. hi i had pretty bad acne so i decided to use proactiv and at first it got worse but i just kept using it for around 3 months and now it reduced breakouts by 50%. and sometimes i use a salicylic acid cleanser which i think works better to reduce pimples. SO i am happy that my acne is going away but i have alot of redish, brownish marks (it looks light brown far away and red close up)so i bought Neostrata HQ Plus gel 4%. since i live in canada i can buy HQ products. But this product as contains 5%