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  1. those things are made to treat very small areas and will not treat your entire face. if you have a few small areas to work on, it would probably work, but i wouldn't advise it (just to be on the safe side).
  2. with such a high tca percentage (50%) you should only use the acid in a very small area... on the inside of your scar. most people apply it with a toothpick, it's probably the easiest way. using cotton isn't a good idea cause you'll get the tca everywhere, you only want it on the scar, not outside the scar at all! your plan to do one at a time sounds good. hope this helps.
  3. just take the exfol serum and rub it into your skin, no need to wash it off. it's not strong. what are you using it for though?
  4. sorry to bump but i want to know if anyone else has more info. i want to know how much the percentage/effectiveness can go up. does it just double with 2 layers? it's confusing.
  5. will it continue to go up if you continue to layer? do you have to wait for it dry first, how long do you wait? is there a point where it won't layer anymore? (hope someone can answer, thanks!)
  6. is it true that if i were to take 18% tca and layer it, the percentage would go up? anyone know how this really works?
  7. if you only have a couple scars you want to treat then you won't look all that bad going to school, just have a few scabs.
  8. i've seen significant evidence that mederma will reduce the appearance of raised scars, but for deep acne scars it will probably do next to nothing.
  9. that's funny, i've actually noticed j jo's scar before. i guess i obsess about things like this. skin is the first thing i notice about a person.
  10. lyriaz


    This may not be about scars, really, but this place seems to be full of knowledgable people, so it seems the best place to ask. I avoid the sun religiously but somehow I still have ugly tanlines. My arms, face, and neck are all tan, while the rest of my body is pale. Instead of tanning my whole body to solve the problem, I want to be my lighter, natural color. Now, I am beginning to use sunscreen every day, and hopefully this will help. But in the meantime, is there anything I can do to fade th
  11. umm, teplo. what you don't understand here is that everyone has different opinions. some people don't mind scars. some people do. who are you to offer objective advice like "men can have scars it's cool." everyone is unique, and i'm glad for that, otherwise life would be boring. that's encouraging everyone to think like everyone else, and have the same opinion. and if that's the case, your suggestion not to worry about scars is just as bad as the media's suggestion that your complexion shoul