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  1. I read online that the second course has like a really big chance of making acne gone forever if the first course didnt do the job. From what i've read usually they come back is because the dosage you were given was too light for your body weight and all. thnx for your reply i went to try hookahs yesterday with a friend. I dont normally smoke so i wanted to see what it was since there was no tobacco http://www.canadashisha.com/herbal-shisha.html check it out although i didnt really like it i
  2. is it a bad idea? does doing hookahs have any impact on skin? cuz i heard its diff from smoking cigarettes which i never tried either.
  3. sorry to break it to you but binging is just gunna make things worst. I mean if u want to treat yourself once in a while a little is alright, if your gunna go overboard your just being an idiot. In the end you will feel the same way you felt before, then whats the point of refraining in the first place. If i know whats good for me i do it. I not only stopped eating those foods that broke me out but i also clean the whole house change the sheets everyweek. Having self control is real important,
  4. I hav mild acne and redness on cheeks and a some around the body but all small. Im on 40 mg every second day for 6 months i think. I read some posts about people getting relapse but they have never stated their severity so it is really unclear and i am worried now that i may possibly encounter a relapse when im done. If anyone was on a low dose and had a similar condition as I, may i ask if you got a relapse?What percentage chance do people in my condition/situtation expereince relapses? If so w
  5. Even if you don't care about your own body please respect other people, I for one absolutely hate the smell and i'm sure non smokers do as well and we do not want second smoke so by smoking you are doing a selfish act in harming others. I don't think you would want anybody else to die because your smoke.
  6. awesome thnx ya it varies from day to day sometimes it aches
  7. Im on accutane in the middle of 3rd week and the only side effects ive had are lips being a bit dry and fatigue and recently my upper back has started to ache a little. is this normal?
  8. check this out http://www.frontlinemed.co.uk/Smoking.htm according to the studies it ups testosterone count which leads to hair loss in men and more body and facial hair for women. Also for smokers who are stubborn and believe it is not a factor and are suffering from acne and are just too stubborn to accept the facts androgens can cause pimples as well and the overall hormones in your body will be messed. Even if its more heredity smoking is definitely a factor so quit as soon as possible. Eve
  9. Hey i just read your post and seriously although you may hate hearing this but that girl you were dating before sounds really shallow! Even if she takes you back after you heal completely what is that suppose to mean? She will take you back without acne, but break up with you if you get it again? I am completely sickened by people like her..
  10. see the thing is i was planning to take it this summer but theres been a litle change of plans and i wish to take it as soon as possible so my question is even tho i took a blood test a few months ago, do i have to take it again before i can b presricbed for the drug? The last blood test my derm said i was fine to be prescribed.
  11. Has Anybody tried using Hiruscar to return the color of their natural skin??? I recently saw a new add in an Asian magazine claiming it helps lighten scars and I was wondering has Anyone tried out this product?
  12. its been a while now and the red has become lighter but it is taking ages to fade. recently i hav started to apply icepacks and do mud masks/exfoliate every 5-7 days and it has seemed to help lighten it a bit but i have been doing this for 3 months now and the effect is starting to slow and the marks are still stubborn as usual but lighter. is there anything i can do to make it fade quick??? im looking for a more natural way to get rid of it instead of just covering it up with make up many thnx