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  1. Hope all is well.

  2. thank you! as are you!

  3. You're very pretty! Have a nice day. ;)

  4. Still think you should try your Clarisonic, but on the lowest and sensitive settings. Washcloths can be irritating for some people, and imo shouldn't even be used for sensitive skin period. Those flakes are dead skin cells, which if you don't remove, will eventually create more acne for you. However, it's best to "do as it says" for the regime.
  5. Um, no, it's not like an electric toothbrush. Read up on it. There are different brush heads, for the different skin types. I have one, and it never irritated my skin. And I have VERY sensitive acne-prone skin, but I use the brush head for sensitive/delicate skin. It has left my face feeling smooth, but I stopped using it, because I got a little lazy with the whole acne regime and bleh. However, I will start using it again! OP, try it out, what works for one person may not work for another pe
  6. Rinoa Heartilly? She's pretty awesome! : D

  7. I have a product called Metrogel, and it's for Rosacea. Idk if it'd work for you, but it's about $150+, and I'm lucky to get it free through my medical insurance. It has helped me a bit, too. Though I don't have your condition. Do you have pictures of your condition? I really wish I could offer better advice or help, unfortunately I don't know of this condition or possible treatments. I wish you luck.
  8. Have you tried natural methods? Detoxing helps some people ( I have not tried yet, ) Also balancing hormones, diet, etc...Antibiotic can be bad long-term, because the affect it has on the gut. It reduces the good bacteria greatly, thus leaving you susceptible to systematic yeast infection which is linked to acne also.. In order to treat your disease, you must know the cause first. Try to find the cause of your acne, then work on treatments. I know it is hard, but you must preserve! Good luck.
  9. I'm going to message you - it'd be much easier! :P

  10. Meh, it's like you finally are able to get rid of the bumps, then you have to deal with more shet. What a pain. I hope you find something affordable for the scars, too.

    ...just realized I flooded your comment section... sorry! lool

  11. So, you have not had acne for some time now? That's awesome, 'cause I've been dealing with it for so many years, and it's such a pain, really. Where's the thread with your pics btw? I have some pics of my current condition, but I'm uploading it to my blog (will post link)

    Meh, it's like you finally are able to get rid of the bumps, then you have to deal with

  12. : D Do you like the Puerto Rican culture? Have you ever been to the island? : D hum, my mom's family is pretty spread...

    like she has some family in Vega Baja, and grandparents in San Juan. Dad's from Humacao and his other family from Ponce!

    Humacao is really nice at night, you can see the stars so clear and bright. :) I thought you were hispanic from your pictures!

  13. That's awesome! My boyfriend of 4 years is from PR (Bayamon) :) I thought you looked Puerto Rican. I don't have a blog but I do have a thread with pics of how horrible my skin looks. I'm not really dealing with acne; unfortunately I'm now dealing with pitted scarring :/. I wish you luck with treatment!

  14. Yes PR stands for Puerto Rico. Most ppl I talk to love the city, because it's exciting, but I prefer peace and tranquility. Your skin's a mess? Doesn't look like it... do you have a blog or anything? I just started one to keep track of my progress~