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  1. Honestly, I just use pure Vitamin E. It works well on "new" scars. Usually after a month the new scar would be totally gone or hardly noticable. For older scars it may take a few more months for them to be COMPLETELY gone, but they WILL fade though. I just haven`t felt comfortable trying anything else. This is the only thing I can slather on my face that wont break me out. I only apply it at night though. Anyways, maybe someone else can suggest something that may give faster results.
  2. Well I fast for religious reasons. During that time I dont notice any negative effects about my skin. It may be the products your using.
  3. I know exactly what you mean. You have to make sure you get a good enough amount to cover your face at once. If you put BP on already dried BP, then you`ll get the eraser crumbs. Atleast this is how it is for me. I have to be fast applying it because it dries really fast.
  4. I exfoliate about once a week when my skin isn`t feeling as smooth as it should. Exfoliating doesn`t help exsisting acne though. It could actually irritate it, especially if you scrub too hard. I just use sugar & cold water when I do mine. . Its cheap and lasts a LONG time. You only need a little. Then I follow up with my regular face wash.
  5. White rice all the way. It also doesn`t break me out.
  6. Seeing a whole bunch of people type about different products can be stressful when your trying to find out which works best for you. It takes trial and error. Start simple. A face wash. Non irritating. Maybe oil free. A light moisturizer and some SPF. You can try products with salicylic acid(SA) once you get your basic regimine down. Or products containing (BP) benzoyl peroxide(only for active acne). The worst thing you can do is use everything at once. It will irritate your skin and may make yo
  7. I`ve exprienced this type of reaction before(twice). The 2nd time I really believe it came from the honey mask i decided to try. Well basically my whole face looked like a rash. little bumps EVERYWHERE !!! They didn`t hurt or itch or anything. But damn it all if it didn`t annoy me! They went away in like a week and a half. The longest week ever if you ask me. But yea. If your expiriencing other symptoms besides the rash like bumps then I would go to the doctor. If not. You may have to wait it
  8. Oh gosh! I haven`t had liver in years! Well the only way my mum would cook it was fried with onions. Some people add bacon as well. I would search on google or something to find more healthy ways to cook it if your watching what you eat. If not..fry that sucker I dont think liver in particular gave me a boost in energy, it was a combination of everything.
  9. Well, if it doesnt irritate your skin or make it too dry, I wouldn`t worry about the ingredients
  10. The only thing worth a damn from Proactive is the mask. It helped A LOT with inflammed acne. Everyting else pretty much sucked
  11. Well for me, I tried the Honey mask for a couple of days. By day three I had little bumps all over my face. They didn`t itch or hurt. Sorta looked like a rash. I used nothing different otherwise. I immediately stopped using it. Took like a week && a half to get my face back to normal. If the bumps are like the bumps i described then, I think you should stop using it for a couple of days and see if theres any improvement.