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  1. Well I don't think its fungal acne. Last year I suffered from fungal infection in the crotch area, I took anti-fungals for good period of time. It cleared up the infection but didn't do anything for this condition.
  2. Hey man your story gives me hope. Though my acne is not that severe but I too get those white pustules on my chin, above the upper lip & between the eyebrows. I don't want to go on antibiotics anymore as they don't seem to be permanent solution. Pls guide me.
  3. I hope this works for us. For how long are you planning to take it?
  4. Yeah what we eat definitely seems to affect it, mine flares up as soon as I eat sugar or dairy. But the docs never take what you say seriously, they think they know everything but you, you who is suffering from the disease doesn't know shit. How to find out what's wrong, there is only so much that we can do with our google knowledge.
  5. Yeah looking at the pictures I doubted that too but the symptoms (like white puss in his hair folliciles and antibiotics failing him) were the same so that made me think that his condition was same as ours. And about antibiotics I am on the same page as you antibiotics are a curse, I just referred to his use of antibiotics after he completed his course of accutane. I don't know about you brother but this condition has taken a toll on me , and that is the reason I am in a constant & desperat
  6. Yeah I do worry about the damage but I guess any damage would be less than the damage this acne has caused to my self-esteem. I am currently not on accutane, I just use BP5% in the night & I eat everything. https://springstderm.com/when-the-provider-is-the-patient-my-accutane-story-part-3/ Can we track down the guy in this blog. He too had the same condition which antibiotics were unable to cure but went on accutane which got the bacterial growth limited he also talks about using certain
  7. I don't think antibiotics are any good. They're are only going to mess it up even more. Well that's great news. I too will look into it (although my earlier experience with accutane was horrible but I took it only for 15-20 days back then, I guess I should have taken the complete course). I have read on some threads that people manage to keep it at bay on a little dose (after the 4-5 months course) of accutane for e.g. 20 mg every 10 days. I just wonder can we keep taking it for life.
  8. For me it came after I shaved when my jawline still had acne. To stop it, I had to go on antibiotic(clindamycin) which kept it at bay for 4-5 months the second course of the same antibiotic (clindamycin) failed to control it and it came back as soon as I stopped taking it. How did u get it? I saw Waseem Abbas's thread which goes back to 2012. Am I right? Are u sure that his condition is same as ours?
  9. Feeling the same, everthing else in life is going great, but this doesn't let me enjoy anything.
  10. For me it was rather a horrible experience as I was on accutane for just 15 days after which I stopped because of the side effects, my face exploded with acne far worse than it was before all over my face. That day I decided not to use anything for my acne I just used to wash my face twice a day with a regular face wash. Within 3-4 months my skin was back to normal. I just committed one more mistake, I shaved when I still had acne on my jawline and I think that caused some kind of infection for
  11. Okay, I get it. Thanks for the regualr replies mate. Hopefully someday we will come up with a CURE.
  12. That makes sense. I just want to ask one more thing, were u ever on accutane? Because for me I think that's where the problem started.
  13. Makes sense. I just want to ask one more thing. Were u ever on accutane cuz in my case I think that might have been the trigger.
  14. Are you sure that using coconut oil on your face is a good idea. Don't you think the bacteria that causes these pustules feeds on Oil?
  15. Hey buddy did the application of probiotics help in your condition, I too feel that the right kind of probiotics can help in easing our situation. My digestive system is shitty ever since I went on antibiotics to treat this condition. It would be a life changer for us if we could cure this condition internally.