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  1. Hello, I managed to find a cosmetic surgeon clinic that does this. They said it they starting price would be from 500, I have to booke appointment for consulation first and see what they say. How much did you pay for yours ? Wondering if dearmatologist would be cheaper option. And thanks for recommending Davin Lim videos. I watched few, and he looks very honest in his recommendation, wish he were here in perth . Hello, thanks for the reply. I thin
  2. Hello all, As titled, anyone know where to get subcision in perth? I have a really bad rolling scarring, ice picks, all over the face. At the moment i m having microneedling treatment, its been over 1 years and it show very small improvement. I tried laser before and its doesnt work at all. I have tried calling few dermatology but the receptionist doesnt seems to know what i am talking about. So if someone can recommend me a good place i can get it done, that wo