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  1. I didn't take any photos of my progress but were all taken under bright light at the Cutis Clinic and Enrich Clinic to measure the changes. Dr Lim said that I got the hypertrophic scar because of the hematoma that resulted from the nokor subcision being too aggressive, and this confirms my experience as there was a lump at that spot for many weeks that didn't flatten back down. It probably took at least 4-5mins just to work on the hypertrophic scar with the cannula, I think he either b
  2. I just had my 2nd treatment with him for mainly atrophic scars. I tried dermapens about 10 years ago, but it didnt do anything so I gave up for many years. My scars are mainly tethered with a mix of rolling and light spotted tethered area, especially around my cheeks. I had some cysts that were below my skin in my early 20's which never developed into acne but would take many weeks to resolve. I also had a major atrophic scar area where a cystic acne lasted 2 months. I was still getting acn
  3. I paid $600 and $2300 for Fractional CO2 at the same time. They invoiced it all under CO2 laser (non fractional), so I ended up getting $600 medicare rebate. I think subcision is rebatable however fractional is not. I still have some SLOWLY shrinking haematomas from the needle entry point but all the scars smooth now (and its 3 week+ since that one session).
  4. I booked a dermatology appointment in Melbourne and the girl that tried to sell me Radio frequency micro needling had no idea either. Good thing I did my research and watched a lot of Dr. Davin Lim's videos and insisted to speak with the dermatologist. He knew what I was talking about and I am quite happy with the results now. I think ice picks will benefit more from TCA cross or excision but the rolling scars will definitely be minimized with subcision.
  5. I just had Subcision and Fractional on my rolling scars on both cheeks (the only type of scars I have) about 19 days ago. I would say about 90%+ improvement, they have not come back even after the swelling had subsided. I still have some bruising where the needle went in but not where the scar areas were untethered. I had around 3 microneedling sessions with dermapen 5-6 years ago, and they had very little improvement; so I'd definitely go for subcision + another type of treatment . My CO2 swell