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  1. CSI is a chain. Visited it once and don't think it specializes in anything. For V-Beam, you don't really need anyone too skilled to operate it as it's pretty safe. I've had it done several times and the stronger treatment yielded more results. However, the more aggressive treatment led to a week of visible bruising. Even makeup doesn't cover everything. V-Beam usually isn't a one-and-done thing, unfortunately, unless they are for spots that are red/brown that will turn into coffee gri
  2. Ask yourself this question: After getting treatments and after all is said and done, are your results more like what your doctors projected or what people on this forum told you? I have a cynical view of doctors although I respect them and their profession. Every doctor has told me that this treatment is going to help your scars and this and that BS. I've only seen one treatment really help me. So I don't really care what many doctors tell me because I go off of my results and experience. I
  3. Lim comes across as someone who wants to seem ethnical and "doing the right thing" for patients. But he's definitely using his platform to get richer. Don't blame him for wanting to get the green but yeah, promoting Infini makes him sketch. I'm almost positive he's getting kickbacks by promoting certain companies and devices. Is this different than other cosmetic doctors promoting their devices and skills even if they may not be the best. That's the crappy thing about scar treatment. Docto
  4. If you have the money, just get subcision and see if you get improvement. I'm the type that doesn't like wondering if I should have done something so that would my suggestion. Subcision was the safest treatment for me. The swelling went down very quick and I didn't have any residual bruising after a few days. I only had the incision mark that lasted about a month to a month and a half.
  5. Everyone's scars are different. Lasers would probably be a bad choice for icepick and rolling scars. Also, the type of laser makes a difference. I got no results from Erbium and non-ablative lasers. I also had a fractional CO2 treatment that only got me PIH. But when another doctor used that same laser with different settings, I saw results. So it's also the doctor. There are a lot of factors. Subcision didn't work for me but that's because my scars are mostly mild-moderate boxcar. I haven'
  6. She has years of experience and I'm just a patient and writing on this forum. Try the Erbium and let us know how it goes! It will definitely take multiple treatments. Erbium could work for you. I just have gotten enough laser treatments to experience the frustration of no results. For aggressive treatments, PIH lasted at least 2 months and for another session, I had PIE for about 3+ months.
  7. Fractional Erbium seems more like a "doctor wants to play it safe first" type of treatment. If you do this, you may be wasting time and money. Or I could be wrong and Erbium could help. I'm not a doctor. I've done Erbium twice for spot treatments and it didn't do anything for me. Do you trust the doctor? Have you dug into his background regarding laser treatment? You want to make sure you go to someone who knows how to use a laser. The most results I got were from an aggressive treatment.
  8. I had one wide mild boxcar on my forehead that was improved by fractional CO2 laser. If you can find a laser specialist who understands deeper settings (to the point where you get blood - this worked for me), it might be worth considering. Forget Erbium and non-ablative lasers.
  9. You're welcome. Please feel free to keep posting on this forum and asking people here about doctors near you and procedures. So many dermatologists and plastic surgeons aren't skilled at treating scars (people on this forum aren't experts either!) so it's best for you to gather as much information as you can from all parties. I've seen a number of dermatologists and plastic surgeons and most of them just tell you what they read from brochures about collagen remodeling and all of that crap.
  10. Yes, control your acne first. A lot of what you have is erythema or redness. This makes things look worse. Most of your scars really aren't that deep which is a great thing. I usually don't recommend microneedling but since your scars look shallow, you can give it a shot. There are a few areas where TCA Cross would help. Lasers are the end would be something I'd consider - only if your doctor knows what he/she is doing.
  11. I'm not sure where you are, if you're willing to travel, or what your budget is, but don't restrict yourself to doctors and procedures locally. To expound: some doctors will only treat you with the devices they have in their office; some doctors don't do certain treatments (Cross, subcision, etc.). There's something called a Phenol Peel done by Dr. Rullan in San Diego. Only a handful of doctors do this. It's expensive ($6k) and requires an overnight stay. I'm just throwing this out there as
  12. I would look into TCA Cross and deep fractional CO2 laser treatment at the end. Microneedling is an option but I'm not too high on it (manual or radiofrequency).
  13. Yes, I've written about this numerous times but I realize that I'm talking to different people. Lol. My most aggressive laser treatment helped smooth out some boxcars and one crater scar. The shallow one on my forehead isn't even noticeable now. But there were still scars (mostly deeper) that didn't see improvement. A second treatment "lifted" a few other scars. With the most aggressive one, recovery was about 7-10 days and no fun. I was scabbing like crazy. I also got new scars from it - e
  14. One of my crater scars became more level with the surrounding skin. Mild boxcar scars became shallower. One of my injury scars that had some redness became less noticeable. The news scars I got were minor boxcar scars and some patches of skin that came off. Maybe it was because the laser was too aggressive or because it was due to healing. Not sure. Overall, it was worth it for me during that treatment. I had fractional CO2 done several other times. One didn't do anything but that was
  15. Yep, Rullan is the one you want to see for subcision. He's aggressive in a good way. Subcision is easy to heal from. You'll look puffy for a few days but that's not a big deal for this type of treatment. You can get fillers by a doctor closer to you. Like Hellish said, he's know for subcision and Phenol Cross but not fillers.
  16. What's done is done but I suggest seeing someone else and browsing this forum for recommendations. Remember that many doctors will only push treatments which they offer. It doesn't mean that it's the best one. For example, some doctors don't have strong lasers or don't do subcision or Cross.
  17. I had Total FX done. Was offered Halo but I don't know enough about that. FX worked for some scars. Had Erbium but it was such a mild treatment so I didn't see results. Non-ablative is not worth considering for scars. I don't know the settings. I left it to the doctor. I went to one who knew what she was doing. Please do your research about laser treatment. There are risks which include new scarring (which I got from aggressive treatment), PIH and PIE, and textural changes (
  18. I'm not doing any more RFM treatments. I'd rather do a few more aggressive laser procedures and not do a ton of RFM and keep playing the waiting game.
  19. I don't know about all that... I've done both. RF microneedling in my opinion has fewer risks than fractional laser treatment. But similar benefits? I think fractional CO2 (aggressive enough) has more benefits for boxcar scars.
  20. No, I did Infini by itself. I've had subcision done as well but no improvement there. I don't have a huge number of scars and you have to keep in mind that boxcars are different for everyone. It's my opinion that acne scars are different than scars from accidents or such.
  21. Look into Accutane - discuss with your doctor. Accutane is not just an easy prescription to write. You need to be aware of its side effects and what it could do to your body. I was on it for 6 months and it helped stop cysts from forming. The redness will go away in due time - I know it's tough to deal with. You can try a combination of niacinamide, vitamin c (ascorbic acid or magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) serum, azelaic acid, alpha arbutin.
  22. Why would you do so many treatments? After a few, if you haven't seen results, see another doctor and consider alternative treatments. This message is not just for you but for everyone out there. He might be going off of the literature provided to him by Lutronic. Or he's getting paid. You never know. I've done Infini and I don't buy what he says. Fractional CO2 has helped me but not RFM or regular microneedling for that matter. Aggressive fractional CO2 helped my b
  23. I'm extremely skeptical of the results that non-ablative lasers yield. Had that done by two different doctors and two lasers and I saw no changes. One doctor even had the audacity to say, "Your skin looks better!" at my next visit. Uhh, he didn't even take pictures and how would he know when my next appointment was months from my treatment! I hate when doctors say this. I've had three doctors tell me my skin looks better after treatment. It's utter BS. Infini treatment is extremely painful.
  24. Scabs were in large chunks when I did full face. Had 3 done. First one was done a decade ago and that nurse wasn't aggressive. However, I did get hyperpigmentation from that. Did one several years ago and it was intense. Saw noticeable improvement on some scars but also got PIH and new scarring.