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  1. Morganroth doesn't have the best personality. He has that arrogant doctor demeanor. But is bedside manner more important than the treatment? I didn't get treatment from him so I can't help you there. It's also important to know what type of scars or methods of treating them you are seeking. Maybe some doctors are better than others at certain treatments. I'm pretty certain most doctors aren't terribly skilled at lasers but can dip and dab TCA Cross.
  2. Right on the money. I've always advocated for laser treatments (if you believe in them) whenever you have downtime. This is because the recovery is long and it's really hard for people to take time off. It's not just the scabs coming off but you have to deal with PIH/PIE. But more dermatologists are doing manual methods such as Cross and subcision to lift the scars up first so that lasers can hit the more-leveled skin. I guess this makes sense theoretically, but lasers will still improve sc
  3. It all depends on the scars. I saw 50% improvement on one or two scars. I don't like figures because it could be 25% or 75%. All I know is that those scars looked better and I didn't need treatment on them anymore. For other scars.... 0-20%. Yes, I was prepared for risks, but I hated my scars so I took the risks. I've read reports of the side effects but I didn't experience any of those. I had hyperpigmentation, prolonged erythema, and some new but superficial new scars. It's a given
  4. Doctors always give you a shorter estimate to sell you treatments. It's BS. After I got it done, I was not ready for public viewing for about 6-7 days. I still had dark marks that took at least 10 days to clear up. But what's downtime to you? Do you in a place that doesn't care what you look like? Then maybe 5 days is ok. If you wear a mask and can cover most of your face, heck, you could return to work in 2-3 days?? But if your treatment is outside the area of your mask, then I'd say
  5. There are no guarantees with any treatment. I would at least prepare for the risk of them widening - not saying it will happen. I've heard 6-8 weeks is fine but no earlier. Masks greatly help... I forgot about this.
  6. I've had Phenol Cross done. Not a miracle treatment for my small boxcars. However, ice pick scars are different so you may have a different result. TCA could possibly do the same job and is more available in your area since most doctors don't offer Phenol Cross. Just know that it's hard to predict any outcomes. Your scars could widen or may not. All I can tell you is to prepare for downtime (red marks for about a week) and a number of treatments since Cross takes a long time for results.
  7. According to literature and my opinion, yes. Cross is better for ice pick scars than other treatments. Rullan says Phenol Cross causes less widening but who knows. There hasn't been many studies comparing TCA and Phenol, but Rullan is a highly recommended scar doctor. One guy here said that he treated somewhere around 50-100 scars and maybe only one widened, if I remember correctly. Microneedling can help since people have said that but I personally haven't seen improvement in my few treatm
  8. You can only realize the true extent of your scars when the redness is gone. Redness/erythema always makes scars look worse than they are.
  9. None of us are prophetic so we can't guarantee anything. Theoretically, Cross (TCA or Phenol) should help as the acid is supposed to get rid of the scar layer and allow for new collagen development. People have seen good results and some people have seen none or slight worsening of their scars. However, even if some scars get a little wider, they may get shallower which allows for laser resurfacing to make things look better in the end. This is all in theory. I'm only stating the risk
  10. TCA Cross has the risk of widening your scars. The benefit is that they may become shallower. It's a risk you need to consider. Most of your ice pick scars are pretty small. Maybe you can visit a dermatologist and see if a low-percentage TCA could help, although low percentages don't equate to as much improvement. As with every treatment, you'll get a mixed bag of results. Some people saw improvement with Cross and others haven't.
  11. You need to keep your acne under control first. Don't treat your scars if you still have active acne. I'm not sure what country you are in. In the US, it's extremely common for a dermatologist to prescribe Retin-A and Tazorac for people with acne. Some dermatologists say that these products will "lift" the scar up somewhat if used regularly. Maybe it may make a different for you since your scars aren't that deep. I may have a different opinion than the doctors but that's just me. Topical pr
  12. It's hard to trust doctors, especially when they recommend FIVE laser treatments off of the bat. I'm not saying he/she is money hungry and want to pay for future vacations and bigger houses, but FIVE is excessive. I'm not saying the treatments won't improve your skin, but maybe a skilled doctor could do the same in one or two. Yes, some (but not all) on this forum would give you better advice. The best thing to do is speak with doctors and find out what they recommend and then see what peo
  13. It's best to see a dermatologist about this as we are not doctors. In my OPINION, they are just pimples with more inflammation than normal. Have you tried the typical Retin-A and other retinoids? You can try Benzoyl Peroxide (don't be too aggressive) as well. A doctor can prescribe doxycycline but that will mess with your stomach. If you had lots of lots more pimples, Accutane would be a consideration. But talk to a doctor first.