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  1. I agree. You can get laser treatments but you probably won't get good bang for your buck. It's best to blend the scars in first. I know it's tough because TCA Cross can take a while. Subcision for a second time with another doctor could be a consideration.
  2. Lasers are definitely a risk, both with skin side effects and in a monetary capacity. Doctors will charge $2-4k (or more if they are a Hollywood doctor) and you might end up looking worse. But, it worked on some of my scars so I tell people that there's a possibility that it can work. The percentage might not be high but it can work. It's always safer to try out more conservative procedures and cheaper ones before jumping into anything big. The first thing you need to do is sit down with yo
  3. Many doctors are money hungry. There are also doctors who make enough money and have ethics but are inexperienced with treating scars. It's much easier to treat acne for them but difficult to treat scars. Scar treatment isn't something they go to medical school for. If your daughter has light skin (1 or 2 on the Fitzpatrick scale), she can go deeper with lasers. Lasers are a controversial procedure because of the risks. They are expensive and work only a small percentage of the time, but th
  4. Don't pay any doctor because he/she says it's going to work. You NEED to do your research. Doctors don't know everything and nothing is guaranteed. The most recommended treatments are Cross, subcision, microneedling, lasers. Unfortunately, it's too hard to determine what scars your daughter has based on the pictures. You can also try Tazorac. It will take a really long time (6-9) months but it can help - changes won't be as drastic as the expensive treatments but don't count it out. Read as
  5. I got laser treatment (ablative, not the weak non-ablative) done and I saw positive results. Some of my scars smoothened out and look more blended in with my skin. However, I did get a few extra scars from the procedure because it was invasive. This is a risk, but it was worth it for me. The problem with laser treatment is that the outcome is very doctor dependent. I had two different doctors use the same laser. One was conservative and didn't improve my skin. The other was aggressive and
  6. Shower after working out and definitely change your clothes often so that bacteria isn't trapped.
  7. You can look into silicone scar sheets. I'm not hopeful that these are the best solution but it's a cheap option. When did you get your scar? Maybe lasers could help down the line if you are willing to spend more money.
  8. Rullan is good but I've seen him and I don't know if it's worth the trip to see him. It could be! He's one of the top recommended doctors for subcision. If your scars are deep, then subcision is a consideration. It seems like you have mostly boxcar scars. Maybe lasers would smooth them out. I'm sure some doctors would recommend RF microneedling but you will be paying so much for minimal improvement.
  9. Subcision or filler but I'm not a doctor and it's a little hard to see your scars. Filler is not permanent unless you go for Bellafill (look into pros and cons) so it may get costly.
  10. Dr. Hazany is very, very expensive from what I've read. Dr. Rullan has much more experience and charges reasonable prices, although he did increase them substantially in the last several years. My results with Dr. Rullan weren't noticeable for the first two years. I did 5 sessions of Phenol Cross, a few Pixel laser treatments, and one subcision (my scars aren't meant for that treatment). Saw no improvement. After my fifth treatment which included Phenol Cross and laser, I decided not t
  11. I guess I didn't think her recommendation of the non-ablative laser and tretinoin would help my scars. But if I got those treatments 5000 times, it would probably help. I wanted something more aggressive, but didn't want to do Fraxel. However, if that earlier person got results, then that might be something to consider. We all have different scars so some treatments work for some but not others. Maybe I would get improvement if I tried Fraxel with her. I don't know.
  12. Your scars could get wider but shallower which is a tradeoff that many people are happy with. But they could just get wider. It's hard to tell and none of us are doctors or prophets. Many people have done TCA without any side effects so there's some hope. You can chat with your doctor and ask how the TCA is applied. It's generally better to have TCA on the base of the scar instead of on the edges.
  13. Cut out diet and sugar if you can. It's not guaranteed that these are causes of breakouts, but there's strong support backing this up. Don't use fabric softener or anything with fragrance for clothes products. When you sweat (after work, from the gym, etc.), shower and get rid of the bacteria and build-up as soon as you can. Don't shower too much or over-dry your skin because your body will produce more sebum/oil. Try something like AmLactin that will moisturize your skin