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  1. I only had one subcision treatment. I did it just out of hope. Most people know that multiple sessions of subcision are needed to see optimal results but I don't want to spend more money getting marginal results. My scarring isn't as bad as other people's. Rolling scars are the best for improvement with subcision. Ice pick scars won't be improved. Look into lasers. There are risks but these are better for boxcars in my opinion.
  2. The office has gotten much more demand. People on this forum discover Dr. Rullan through other members here and from some vloggers like ElaineAfterAccutane. Dr. Rullan has two things going for him: subcision and Phenol Cross. A small percentage of doctors do subcision so he'll get business there. In addition, only a few doctors in the US do Phenol Cross so that's even more reason for people to see him. I read a post on this forum that said it was due to inflation or expenses going up b
  3. Are you talking about the raised bump on your nose? If that's the case, it's a hypertrophic scar. Possibilities of improving that include lasers, steroid injections, and silicone scar sheets. You will need to speak with a dermatologist about this. If you are referring to another scar, please be specific. The treatments would be much different.
  4. I am not concerned about cancer. I have not heard anything about lasers causing cancer. I got two Total FX treatments. I saw some scars get softer and shallower. Not all scars will be improved. It depends on the scar and where it is on your face. I think both of those treatments can be done together. Subcision should be done first. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27231159/#:~:text=Conclusion%3A The highly versatile CO,therapeutic modalities achieve better results.
  5. If you have darker skin type, you will probably get PIE (erythema) or PIH (hyperpigmentation). Putting on hydroquinone made my skin redder. If the doctor goes too deep, you may get additional scarring just like I did. If you are Caucasian, the doctor can go deeper with fewer risks. I've heard some people say your skin may look like an orange peel after the laser but I didn't experience this. I've also read here that lasers that go too deep will melt fat. Some people on RealSelf said that as well
  6. That seems about right. Still, you will need a number of treatments so why not save money where you can? If adding in one more treatment isn't that much more and you had to choose a third option, I would go with microneedling. I think that would be better than Erbium which isn't going to do much for deep scars. Call the office and see how much the price is for two and three methods. You can microneedle yourself with the Derminator 2 which members on this forum have purchased: https://www.de
  7. His office is open during the pandemic. You just have to wear a mask. Patience is the hardest thing. BA, a senior member, constantly says that the journey takes several years to complete. If you are patient, you will see results. Treatments are expensive. Rullan is getting more expensive (maybe due to greed?) but he is still somewhat reasonable. He usually offers subcision, Phenol Cross, Erbium laser, and microneedling for his multi-package deal but I think you should only spend your m
  8. Fillers will help, especially with rolling scars. The problem with them is that can expensive to some since they will eventually go away. Bellafill is a different story since it's semi-permanent. However, not everybody wants to go that route. The cost is not an issue for some people though. If the filler lasts a year or maybe even two, I can see people happily paying that.
  9. Carlos, thank you so much for sharing your story. It's very admirable that people open up themselves for others to see their struggles. I'm sure people understand when I say that sometimes it takes help, encouragement, and motivation from others to move forward. If you read more posts on this forum, you'll know to not start with lasers. There are risks with lasers and they are expensive. The results you get from lasers probably won't rival that of manual methods at this current stage.
  10. Sorry to hear about your accident! It's an unfortunate part of life but let's look positively towards a solution. My suggestion would be subcision first. This would break apart the scar bands from that divot. Check out videos on YouTube. Here's one but keep in mind that the result is with filler as well: .Fillers would definitely help but they are costly long-term. I've heard they last between 6 months and 2 years so think about the cost there. Bellafill is a semi-permanent
  11. Sirius is right. It's probably swelling. I've experienced this. Swelling stays for a good amount of weeks to months and you think you've gotten great results. Doctors know this and take "after" photos when there's still swelling so they can show future patients that the results are spectacular. It depends on how deep your scars are. I've had shallow scars improved by Total FX (fractional CO2 laser). CO2 is more powerful than Erbium so you'll need a number of Erbium treatments to s
  12. Agreeing with Starlite. It only makes sense that the number of treatments Dudley got yielded some improvement, otherwise why would he go through that recovery and spend that much money? However, MihaelaP has the right to question everything since the internet is full of lies and exaggeration. Don't believe everything a doctor says! That being said, this forum is mostly run by patients who care about sharing information and experiences with others. I don't know who Dudley is or if he's
  13. Amy is pretty bad with communication so you may have to call the front desk. It helps if you have the procedure you're doing in an email. During my first visit, they were not planning on treating me with one of the triple threats......... a bit disorganized they are. Dr. Rullan would be good for Phenol Cross and subcision. BA said here that he's not the best with lasers. Microneedling can be done yourself or with someone else who's gentle.
  14. Phenol peels are the most extreme. I don't think most people here would get them. What about more superficial peels? Is it worth getting it with him?
  15. Infini in theory is effective and safer than lasers. I got Infini done twice. I have mostly boxcars and didn't see noticeable improvement. Is it safer? I would say so. I didn't get hyperpigmentation like I did with fractional CO2. I also didn't get new scars like I did with the laser. Some here say that 3.5mm is too deep and can melt fat. My plastic surgeon treated me at 3.5, 2.5mm, and 1.5mm. I didn't know that 3.5mm was too deep until I saw some video with Dr. Weiner and read posts here. Oh we