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  1. Who knows his reasons. I’m sure he does it because he can. He said overall their rates are going up, not just for me, but who knows. Is what it is.
  2. Hi! I’m 3 days out of another treatment with Dr. Rullan. I did the same procedure subcision, TCA cross, microneedling and sculptra. My first visit he didn’t do the forehead or chin and I think I was so nervous I didn’t address it. This time he did them at my request. Also I would definitely recommend the Valium. I was supposed to have my procedure Wednesday but I got a call Tuesday on the shuttle going into Disneyland (with my family). Dr. Rullan had a family emergency so if I was going to do i
  3. Hi! I am really excited and it's made me way more comfortable in my skin! I am a little worried that the results are temporary because of the sculptra. I really don't know what to expect long term. I definitely feel like it was worth it though! It was $2,000 total. The sculptra was the expensive part, $750 alone. I was thinking of doing Sculptra again on my visit in November and then not again after that, which will make the next one more affordable. I was thinking 3 treatments total. I'
  4. Here are some before and after a little over 6 months since my first treatment with Rullan. I’m way more comfortable in bad lighting. And I can see a big difference! I did have Sculptra done so now I’m questioning how it’ll look long term, if this is only temporary. Anyone know? The only other treatment I did since Rullan is one microneedling at home with the derminator. Life has been busy lol. I’ll be seeing Dr. Rullan next month for my second treatment.
  5. Sorry I have my account Set for notifications when someone responds but that didn’t happen. Yes it Definitely helped for fat loss but I don’t Know if that’s temporary or not. I’m going in for my next treatment in Nov and I’ll post updated pics soon.
  6. I wasn’t sure either which part of the treatment caused the scabs and which caused the peeling, which were the worst parts. I still have a slight bruise near my eye but I think he was pretty aggressive with my treatment. At day 7 for me a felt totally comfortable being out. He didn’t say how much sculptra he put in. I felt like it was more of an art with what he did, saw what it needed and did it if that makes sense. I was really nervous going in but honestly now that I’ve been through it I
  7. Thank you, that is all good to know. I feel like it's healed aside from a small bruise near the eyes, at what point can you work out, drink wine, etc?
  8. They sold the visor at the office, I didn't know what else to do. And I was surprised there was no after care recommendations from the doctor, I will definitely try emu oil next time, thanks for the tip!
  9. I just wanted to share my journey to treat my acne scars, with before and after pictures, in case this will help anyone else. PLAN: - Subcision, Sculptra, cross carbolic and microneedling with Dr. Rullan in CA done 4/18/19 (I live out of state). He also did some sort of acid on my face to treat some white spots and something to the raised scar on my chin but I'm not sure what. - RF needling in 3 months (not sure with who yet, but locally). Derminator at home in between. - Subc
  10. Hi! I see your post under the blog section, I wonder if you would get better response posting it on the forum. Just a thought. I am actually one week out from a treatment with Dr. Rullan and also went out of state to see him because he was recommended on this site. I felt like I'd rather go to someone who does this a lot. I plan to post and have been taking pictures but haven't gotten around to it yet...soon. My scars are more severe than you and I'm only one week post treatment so I'm