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  1. I guess it depends on how you use it. I dont apply it to my entire face just certain areas. Its funny because I also have sensitive skin too. What I am finding is that my skin reacts better to The SA as opposed to the BP. I say all of this to say that the moisturizer helps with my problem areas a bit, thats why I use it. Stampy, What do you use for your eczema? Also whats your whole regimen? Is it hard to find products that work for ya?
  2. Thanx for the info, This is what Im doing: Washing with C&C blackhead clearing scrub and then with the continuous control cleanser twice a day. At night I use nuetrogena clear pore night treatment. SA seems to not only keep me pretty clear, but its also helps with the entire process: blackheads, pores, and scars.
  3. Ya know.... sometimes when Im going out and I know that my skin will probably get oily, I apply foundation to my eyes, then I apply a cream eyeshadow stick as a base then the powder shadow and I dont have any problems with the creases. The cream makes the powder stick, its pretty cool.
  4. Is it just me or does it seem like no matter what regimen your on or how much better you skin looks, your never completely happy? It seems like every time I get a new pimple, my mind starts running wild with thoughts of switching products. I like my regimen, and my face truely is alot better, but im soooooooooo tired of set backs . It seems like just when my face its about to start looking pretty, here comes that one imperfection that screws everything up. :twisted: . I'm not giving up, (I wi
  5. Hiya Tracy, What kind of shadow are you using? Cream or powder? I find that when I use a liquid foundation on my lids and then apply my shadow it stays a little longer. I have also found that cream eyeshadow lasts longer it I apply a layer add a little press powder and then add another layer, seems like a lot, but it really isnt. B) Have no idea it this helps, but I'll ask someone and be back. :wink:
  6. :sad: I once Had chemical burns from using the toothpaste on my face, but some of my friends have seen great results from using it. I just suggest testing it on a small area before placing it all over your face. Good luck to all of you.
  7. Thanx for the info. So, glad to hear that the reg is working for you.
  8. Just curious, what are some of the things that you have tried?
  9. To be honest, I dont know. Its one of those things that you' gonna learn through trial and error. N E body else know?
  10. Everyones skin reacts differently, and many people breakout before they clear. I dont think you should worry to much. See how it goes for a few weeks and let us know how its going.
  11. I didnt mean scrub your skin off. Just as it was said that we should treat your back the same as your face. I exfoliate my face gently, just as I do my back. Doing this at least one a week helps with the rejuvination of the skin cells.
  12. Hey, if only Id just breakout with milk. You know how most people are lactos intolerant, Im totally allergic to it . I havent had a glass of milk for 6 years. I cant have cheese,sour cream, ice cream, certain chocolates, yogurt, ect. My throat closes up and I get something close to strepp throat and If I dont go to the doctor to get I shot, there are chances of me having a seizure. :twisted: You can get an allergy test from the doctor, and that way you can find out exactly what the problem
  13. I agree with better days, Its almost asif of has to slowly move off of the BP because your skin gets accustomed to it.