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  1. I have been dealing with Malassezia Folliculitis for the last 6 months now and it will not go away! I have gone to 5 hospitals 3 dermatologists, naturalpathic doctor and have also done 2 biopsy. They first started on my vaginal area then spread to my boobs now it is on my back, face, neck stomach, and chest. Also some of them get so bad that they become ulcers that take forever to heal. On top of that I also have Seborrheic dermatits on my scalp which has caused me nothing but pain and discomfo
  2. I don’t know is this is making my body and face worse or if it’s safe to use. I just bought these products last week from Thursday plantation line. It’s the tea tree bar soap along with the foaming cleanser. I have attached the ingredients if u happen to know if any of these ingredients will help or is making it worse. I think the biggest struggle is finding a body wash and face wash that isn’t going to make it worse
  3. It’s frustrating not knowing what exactly I have and where on the body. This has just been all self diagnosis from taking antibiotics and having vagina yeast infections. I can’t be 100% sure if it’s candida on my face or Malassezia. All I know is that what’s one my face is different then what is on my body. I just figured I’m dealing with all 3 things Malassezia, candida, and seborrheic dermatitis. How am I to truly know what the heck I actually have and where when all these tests show nothing
  4. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way about the ketoconazole shampoo and making my face flare up. my eye brows and around my nose are not that flaky unless I am scratching the itchiness, it's mostly very dry with all these little tiny bumps that look like pimples. I applied manuka honey on it tonight to try calm it. Also my skin is pretty oily but really dry at the same time it's odd. I kinda think I may be dealing with the malassezia on my body and yeast infection on my face along with sebo
  5. Day 1 of treatment and my skin has freaked out. huge flare up between my eyebrows and in my eye brows along with my chest. AND its now attacking my head soo itchy and found a huge bump near hairline ughhhh this actually frightens me as I know you can loose your hair permanently I have no idea why I can't beat this thing I am doing everything to kill the candida from the inside and it's just eating my skin alive
  6. Update: was able to get a prescription for oral fluconazole and topical nystatin cream. Fingers crossed this works !! Also I was not able to get terbenafine cream OTC they said it was prescription here on Canada. So I bought nizoral shampoo (ketoconazole) to apply to my face as they told me not to apply the nystatin to my face
  7. No worries I will not mention anything to them about it lol. I am going to see a doctor tomorrow and hopefully get a prescription for some of the things you mentioned. Also was just wondering what your thought are on taking a bleach bath ? Or a apple cider vinegar bath ? You also mentioned about probiotics as I do already take them daily is there any specific ones you would recommend that are targeted for candida ? Also you said that steroid creams will make it worse but from what I research
  8. You have been so much help you don't even understand more then any doctor or dermatologist has done for me in these last 4 months. I live in Canada and yes I have all those symptoms you listed above. Also it all makes sense now that it is caused by yeast as in October I had my first yeast infection and ever since then they have been recurring almost every week and my folliculits first started on the vaginal area and spread all over my body it's been hell !! and I had oral thrush and my tongue is
  9. After hours and hours day after day of research I always thought it was fungal because I always have re accruing yeast infections almost every week and white coated tongue. I’m soo upset this biopsy was all for nothing gave me no answers and false analysis of it not being fungal. I now have two punch hole scars on my back for no reason ughhh. Also this makes sense now why the Folliculitis got so much worse on the antibiotics. I’ve been on it for 5 days and it’s spreading all over my stomach when
  10. I was told by the biopsy that it was not fungal. All is said “inflammation of skin, crusted not fungi” Its been really frustrating trying everything and waking up everyday to see more spots. My face and neck have scars all over
  11. Hi have been dealing with Folliculitis for the last 5 months now and it will not go away ! I have to 5 hospitals 3 dermatologists and a naturalpathic doctor. I have also done 2 biopsy and they said they still not know what it is all it said “inflammation of the skin” well no shit I can visually see my skin is inflamed. They tested for mrsa as-well that came back negative. They first started on my vaginal are then spread to my boobs not it’s on my beck, face, stomach, back and chest. Also some of
  12. I am 27 years old and have been struggling with acne for 15 years! I have been on Accutane 3 times since I was 21 and after a year acne would always come back. Which brings me to now as it's been a year since my last cycle of it and it has come back at is literally eating my flesh. It has gotten to the point where I have been to 4 hospitals, 3 dermatologist, and a naturalpath doctor. I have even done a biopsy (waiting for results next week) These last 4 months have been terrible with no one bein