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  1. For me I have hyper pigmented skin. I use tret for 3 months, and it reduced the color pigment within the scar and therefore looks less deep. Also I did TCA/Phenol cross.
  2. yes they are, but as we age we lose collagen and gain hyper-pigmentation if you don't use sunscreen. Aging can make acne scars look worse . Recommend doing maintenance treatments.
  3. just an assumption, We don't have pics of you but here is what I assume. Did you have fat loss and widespread scarring before doing RF ? If so the best way to treat this is through sculptra and or HA filler injected deep as to create more volume. Doing RF on a face with fatloss will create further fatloss. Also 3mm seems to be too deep and 5 passes seems too many passes. There have been good results with 2.5mm and 3 passes with varying depths.
  4. no it's not and don't do anything you will regret later.
  5. alternated cross and subcision months, then sculptra and infini months. You can do treatments monthly as long as it's not the same kind of treatment. That's not even considered aggressive.
  6. I use minox. Minox doesn't effect scarring. However, It can act as a vascodialtor and if you use it near subcision or micorneedling, it will make me bleed excessively. I would give it 3-4 days rest before doing any treatments. I used to do the recommended 1ml 2times per day. But since it's greasy I do 2ml once a day.
  7. I did not go to Weiner but went to regular doctors I sourced on my own and I had 50% improvement over 9 months . Still treating once a month for the next at least 8 months. I did Subcision + suction 3 times, Phenol Cross 3 times, Infini once, and ~2.5 vials of sculptra injected over 3 sessions. My goal is 80% this year.
  8. Wiener is a top doc and you are in good hands. He is a Bellafill guy so he will push the more expensive and riskier product on patients but you cannot get injected without an allergy test first and that takes 4 weeks. I would go against Bellafill but that is totally up to you. Most fillers are long lasting up to 12 mo from what I heard I personally prefer sculptra as it's natural looking and long lasting. Other than that TCA cross, subcison, infini are going to be great for you. I would prefer
  9. sorry to hear about skinpen. I would look to consult the Infini operator and ask them questions before starting. Doesn't have to be a doctor but I would want someone experienced. I would start off with a less aggressive setting with infini. Ask how many passes they do?What is the deepest they go? and what kind of pulse duration and power they use at each depth? The recommended max depth is 2.5mm and going shallower with each pass using low power setting no shallower than ~1mm as going high power
  10. hard to tell from that low res picture. but looks like mostly jagged boxcar scarring. Recommend phenol or TCA cross. Phenol cross is less risky in terms of less scar widening. Can round out boxcars as well as fill them but mainly for icepick scars. Also don't know how much volume you lost but you don't have to do fillers a the same time as subcision you can do them separately if your doctor is refusing. Any experienced injector can inject you with whatever filler it doesn't have to be a top 1% a
  11. This is a longshot because it's so far away but I go to Dr. Dan Bennett in Overland Park KS and they do face for $500. Don't quote me on this because I think they charge differently for different cases.
  12. I agree with this partially. I found phenol cross + fillers to be far more effective than anything else. I would just be careful with permanent fillers though and go to a real professional that specializes in it.
  13. I took accutane 8 years ago and had great results. My acne is coming back again at age 30 because I am taking another medication (finasteride) that makes me break out a little bit. I am also going through treatment for acne scarring (infini, sculptra, subcision, cross). What is the current best medication for acne is it still accutane? are there any good topicals out there? Prefer not to take accutante due to thinning of hair and the frequent bloodwork I have to get. I am also doing tretinoin 0.