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  1. What’s up guys, So I took accutane back in 2015 due to my major acne on my chest back and face. I was on 40ml zentatane. All was fine only had the minor side effects dry skin, lips and rashes from the pill on my arms but went away. All acne cleared I was exited but then now I the beginning of 2019 out of no where bam back at it again acne relapse. So I go back to my dermatologist and was prescribed again accutane but this time the generic version was Claravis. Idk if generic brands differ b
  2. @switch124 hey switch I know it’s 2019 and this post is old as hell lol but man you just described what I am now going through. I took zentatane back in 2014 and broke out again bad on January of 2019 and decided to go back on accutane and the dermatologist prescribed me with 40mg Claravis and had to stop on the 5th day because of major migraines and pressure in my head along with that high pitch ringing noise that won’t go away and is constant. really annoying makes me nauseous and irritat