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  1. That the site told what to expect from the regimen (non of this "be clear in 3 days" rubbish) and the evidence of success was there to see also.
  2. If you only want to do it once a day I would do that for a few weeks and see what results you get, again I would say applying it at night is best as you'll have more time to do it properly and less likely to look red faced. If you don't see the results you want I would move to twice a day. I started applying BP once a day for 4 weeks and then changed to twice in-order to build my skin up to the amount of BP gel as it is hyper sensitive. Good luck
  3. Your pic isn't too clear but looking good. Congrats man
  4. Hi mate, I use Dan's BP gel ordered off this site. Costs £26.28 to get 4 tubes what with postage and whatever my credit card company charge for the transaction in dollars. I have never been taxed on anything I have ordered from the US and I have never had more than 7 days wait for the BP gel. It seems a lot of money but is very good stuff and I make it last a while as my skin just can't handle large amounts. As for moisturiser I used to use the same as you but it doesn't compare to Eucerin
  5. Your story sounds much like mine, though I haven't been able to sort myself out yet. It's good that you are going to start getting on with things and I wish you all the best mate. Anode
  6. I just shower, re-moisturise straight away, and then continue the regimen steps as I would at my normal times. I haven't had any problems doing this. As the BP gel is absorbed into the skin I don't think it would be necessary to re-apply and I think you would soon have problems with your skin drying out if you applied more than twice daily.
  7. I did use a Sensor Excel but found the blades to be too small to shave well, meaning I had to go over the same area a number of times causing more irritation. (It is great for accurate shaving though due to the blade size). I have since switched to a Wilkinson Quattro. The actual size of the blade seemed cumbersome to start with but once you get used to it you can shave very quickly, only needing to cover the same area once. As long as I have used it gently I have yet to have any problem with ir
  8. I have been using BP for almost 4 months and have had no bleaching at all.
  9. Hi there, I too use Eucerin Dry Skin Face Relief cream from Boots (which I buy online because it's nearly half the price of the same thing in the local store). I wash with Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing facial scrub, despite what I have read, I have the most hyper sensitive skin and still manage to easily survive this. Although I started with ABC's Tea Tree facial wash and then swapped over after about 4 weeks of starting the regimen.
  10. I use savlon if I ever break the skin, usually through my own stupid fault of not being able to leave my face alone. I find that the break will deal a lot quicker than it normally would and the red mark left afterwards will only last about a 1/3 of the time it would have otherwise.
  11. I avoid certain situations due to my acne, particularly socialising and I feel I lost the last 4 years of my life because of it. I have times where I am so motivated to get over it and others where I feel that nothing can be so bad. I would say my current status is that of an acne hermit *lol* It is good that you have someone that loves you gonzogirl, all the best.
  12. I go out in the day on a weekend without any problems as I can get away without having to see too many people but I haven't been out partying or anything of the sort since last November as the state of my skin has got me down recently. I just hope I can get clear soon and take people up on all the invites I have turned down lately.
  13. Hi there, Hopefully this is what your after: http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....oductid=1029095
  14. I had oily skin after about two weeks on the Regimen using Dan's gel which lasted for a couple of weeks and then my face just got over it. I think it may be worth just bearing with it for a while just to see what happens as I have had no problems since.
  15. I am into cycling so am constantly wearing a helmet when out and about, I also wear a cap/hat most of the time to save me from needing to sort out my hair . I don't have any problems with additional breakouts around my forehead though. If I sweat I'll just wash my face again and moisturise afterwards to save my skin from drying.