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  1. Makaveli, I think alcohol can be a huge factor. I understand what you're saying, but the thing is, people change over time. I think that whatever triggers my acne now is different than when I was in my teens. I noticed myself that alcohol didn't cause a problem before, when I was trying to isolate causes. Clearly many people drink and have no such problems (bastards!) but for me, there's no doubt. I think my liver is in pretty poor shape.
  2. I'd just like to bump this thread, to report some findings about my acne. For six weeks now, I've had alcohol once a week. Thursdays. Maybe 2-3 drinks. Friday, my acne is noticably worse, Saturday it is terrible, Sunday gets better and it's tolerable by Monday. By Thursday it's almost completely gone. It's like clockwork, and I guarantee that alcohol is the cause. Apart from 1-2 days after I drink, I only ever get "surface" acne, like tiny whiteheads no big deal. Alcohol gives me medium-sized
  3. Either masturbation AND sex are bad, or neither of them are. That's my only assertion. If you think the body knows the difference... it doesn't.
  4. Probably not, but don't rely on it too heavily anyway. It actually did more harm than good for me I think once I got past a certain point.
  5. I think you should try something other than diet... you can't live life avoiding these things.
  6. Yes, I am. I am currently not so sure about the Vitamin E oil though - if it goes on before the wash, what good does it do? Plus it might just be the brand I have, but mine is sticky as hell and makes washing a pain.
  7. I was just wondering if anyone else thought alcohol consumption was tied to acne. Every single time I've had an alcoholic drink in the past year or more, I get acne a day or two after. Other than that I rarely get new pimples, and the ones after drinking are much more severe than the standard one. I think for me at least, there's a definite link. Anybody else?