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  1. Day 90 - 3 MONTH UPDTE! this is crazy...what can I say about my skin now? My skin is almost 90% clear, I no longer really get acne pimples, every now and then I get tiny whiteheads but they go away in 1-2 days. I still have flaky skin but the area of flakiness is getting smaller every week. if i had no dry skin, this would be the best my skin has been in years... Will update again in another month!
  2. Day 60 ish - So its been around 2 months, and I can really tell that my skin was ruined by benzoyl peroxide, it's going to take a little longer to fix properly... My skin is looking way less dry now though, the flakiness is slowly going away which is great! I got a breakout on one side of my face recently which got me down, but i just kept going with not washing my face. At the moment i'm testing the theory about diet, i'm literally eating whatever i feel like, and going partying pretty muc
  3. I genuinely do appreciate the advice! But my flaky skin is just another way of saying its super dry, it's not actually "flaking" off, in terms of all the things you suggested, I'm getting really good results by not putting any chemicals on my face! the dryness keeps getting better everyday, but if it persists/gets worse I'll for sure look into what you said!
  4. Thanks! I definitely recommend this regimen if you haven't tried it, maybe just wait for one or two more months to try it to see how mine goes! It's really hard to keep going cause when you get spots you actually feel super gross, but i haven't got any spots in so long now, just weird red bumps which go away after a while. Just need my skin to stop being so flaky and i'll look super good!
  5. Day 41 - So i kept going, and its still improving but super slowly, the red blotchy areas are getting better, and no matter how i eat, my skin continues to stay solid, the dry skin is slowly getting better but because i used benzoyl for so long my skin is taking a while to recover. I'm going to keep going with this for the next couple of months, i think ill get back on here at the day 60 mark. To sum up, my skin keeps getting better and better and better (i'm super happy) but progress is s
  6. Day 32 - I genuinely cannot believe I made it this far, its so hard to keep going, but I still think its going to keep getting better... Lets get a few things clear. I no longer get big painful spots. EVER. NO MATTER WHAT I EAT Skin is way easier to maintain and i love the freedom BUT: The dead skin is killing me, everytime i do water sports i get soooo much dead skin. I end up having to gently exfoliate every couple days, and that is the only thing giving an
  7. So its been a few its now Day 24 and my skin keeps improving, I made a youtube video as well since i really want to share my experience in hopes that it will help others. I really feel like my skin is better in the way that it no longer looks either really oily, unfortunately the dead skin is still around although way less that before, and the weird red patches of spot like things on the side of my face are also still there, but every day, there is a little bit of improvement. Another
  8. Day 18 - So i went out again, it is becoming very apparent that i might go out too much, anyway, my skin is fine after going out, im just getting fed up of this dry skin, making me look really gross, might try exfoliate with a towel soon, one thing to note is that i have not really had BIG big spots, like the ones i was complaining about before only felt big because they all came at once (purging) with all the weird red blotchy parts. I have what looks like red irritation around my jaw line
  9. Day 17 - I can really say that these two days have been pretty good! big spots are gone and little ones are fading, i'm really hopeful that this was the turning point, all that needs to go now is the lumpy red parts, i think one or two more weeks and they will be gone!
  10. Day 16 - Finally a bit of improvement in general the big spots are all gone, but now i have a load of tiny whiteheads, this regimen is really hard! i'm constantly having to look at inspiration to get through this purging. If anybody is reading this going through/have gone through the same thing keep strong and let me know how it is going! I hope to make it through this, this regimen really makes sense to me so im going to keep strong for you!
  11. THESE TWO DAYS WERE HELL Day 14 - I really hated the way i looked today, i literally have 5 massive whiteheads on my face, luckily I don't have to go out. the white heads are where i put suncream on, so i wont be using that one again... Day 15 - It really looks like my skin tone is way worse, the bit spots have come but way more are on the way... skin still looks super shit. No improvement from before, I'm going to give this a few more days but i cant keep handling these breakouts. wha
  12. Day 12 - Went back to the beach and my skin is sooooooooooo flaky!like i look pretty gross its unreal, but ive got to keep going. Day 13 - Spots that look like they will become hug just stay really small and fade quickly which is amazing, and i think under all the dead skin my actual skin is looking really nice, but im not going to touch it for at least one more week, im just going to keep letting it heal. In general skin is dry with loads of small whiteheads, which everyone who has done th
  13. Day 10 - So I went to the sea today and spent hours in the water and the sun which was super nice, unfortunately i got pretty burned, i think my skin is a little more sensitive since going on antibiotics... My spots got way better from the salt water though! most of them healed or fell off, but now my skin is super dry again, I think it will take a while for my skin to regulate itself... Day 11 - more improvement overall, both the big spots are completely gone now, only small whiteheads rem
  14. Right so ill keep adding: UPDATE It's really not going well haha. Day 9: couple of new spots. really sucks. 2 really big sports have arrived too, most of the other spots are small and inconsequential . Day 10: This is by far the worst my skin has looked for a while (i was using antibiotics so i was kind of cheating). The 2 massive spots are not leaving and i'm pretty greasy again haha. I decided to rub off the dead skin on my face yesterday and since then my skin has been greasy
  15. Day 7 - The spot by my mouth is slowly dying away, its very red! my skin is no longer oily or dry, its completely evened out! My skin looks about like it did when I used products after just a week of not using them! I am never using products again, what a waste of time, all I used to do was worry and slather shit on my face to cope. the spot by my nose never became a whitehead. Progressing everyday, at this rate I will be all clear in no time! Day 8 - I got really drunk last night again...