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  1. Being Scottish and bad tempered a simple [email protected]#$ off usually suffices. Seriously I just stare back, an ice cold stare. That works. The adrenaline starts pumping though. We shouldn't be in that situation where ignorant folk make acne sufferers feel more crap than they already do.
  2. u keep dissappearing I didn't think u would remember me , how have u been? im good. pm me it would be good to catch up with u again. :)

  3. :) only took me almost 2 years , to smile back :)
  4. :) only took me almost 2 years , to smile back :)
  5. fat loss in scarred areas, hair loss, migraines, clouded brain, insomnia, depression.
  6. happy healing mate i hope you get a good result, I saw the before pics and have similar type of scarring myself, can i be nosey and ask how much it cost?
  7. would these be strong enough [Edited link out]
  8. Do you have any pics of scars I have an atrophic scar between my eyes, totally sucks. Due to my hair brained scheme of injecting cheap Juveni into my old scars I now have hyperpigmentation that has not changed in 4 months.. So my point being when the colour returns to normal, scars do look a lot better then you can reasses. I would get a few opinions before diving into laser surgery. p.s i bought a handheld red light LED from lloyds here in UK it's called spot clear advance, It seems quite po
  9. i had a huge scar between my eyebrows and it scarred, took ages to form a head.
  10. Hi, I have saw in the news before people who have been badly burned wearing clear plastic masks, One woman in particular was Pam Warren who wore one for 18 months and her face looks good, like it was never burned. Would this work for acne scars? Im thinking about putting bio-oil on my scars and covering them with plasters overnight as im fed up and just wanted to expirement , maybe it's a waste of time but surely worth a try. I know there is regenerative plasters on sale but i think they are
  11. Rian it's been such a long time. I hope you are still doing well :) have a nice day

  12. @Jillzod yes well being scottish we eat everything and anything unhealthy, so i am trying to clean up my act and eat more healthy, i only drink 10 cups of tea now instead of 20.