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  1. there is a range you can buy in boots called avene. it is specifically for sensitive/allergy prone/hypersensitive skin. they do a moisturiser called skin recovery cream calming formula - it is soothing and anti irritating - I have found it to be particularly good (plus other products in the range) for when on accutane should also have said - it's about £12
  2. I havent posted on here for a while but as I have tried pretty much everything inc both the Nlite laser treatment and also roaccutane I thought I'd give you my personal opinion. The nlite didnt work for me at all & a friend of mine had it done at the same time and she had the same results.... This doesnt mean it wont work for everyone but that was my experience. Roaccutane is a fantastic medication for those with problematic skin and acne. I have used it more than once and am currently on
  3. Hi I would say this is all good and par for the course. I have started roaccutane again for the 3rd time and I have exactly the same acne as you mild and persistant. Each time what happens is that for 2 - 4 weeks my skin gets bad which is not pleasant, am going through it now as currently on day 10. I get spots where I dont usually which are pretty bad ones and they go and leave red marks which is very annoying but they do clear up it just takes time.
  4. I think the worry is that because accutane dries you out this also applies to your hair - which it does - your hair gets less greasy and drier. I have bleached my hair on accutane more than once and it has been fine, you just have to make sure you use good products and I use an intensive conditioner every time I wash my hair as opposed to once a week. My hair is not at all dry and is soft so dont worry about the bleaching, just put in the effort with the hair care and it will be fine
  5. Hi This may already be known about here but in case not http://women.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_an...icle5172203.ece
  6. Hope you have a fab birthday, keep going with the accutane soundtrack
  7. Hi Can you get Elizabeth Arden stuff in Aus? If so, get the 8 Hour Cream and use it as a lip balm, it is fantastic for dry lips. It is for use on chapped, sunburnt, windburnt etc.. skin It heals and moisturises. Not sure about Aus hair products but I would suggest using an intensive conditioner as your usual conditioner if your hair is getting dry. I do it and it works well, hair still silky soft
  8. Hi I had my tongue pierced while on tane & I was fine. I think the probs with it would be around the fact that accutane slows healing but when you get your tongue pierced, it heals so quickly I dont think it has much of an effect. Maybe ring your derm to check but like I said, I was fine. (I was on 20mg a day) B.
  9. Yes I do but it is really mild compared to others I have read about/seen on here. It is generally 3/4 spots which come up as small lumps and then just go away within a couple of days. This usually happens within the 2nd week. I do still get the dry skin and redness and any red marks I have become more visible but all of them are mild. Like I said, I did start at 40mg once and I got a worse IB larger and more numerous lumps which took longer to go.
  10. Hi No I am no doing a log, I just know I'd do a few posts and then not bother! The Hold Steady violent? lol, I'll have to see in Dec. I am no sure they'll be violent compared to some of the other gigs I've seen but I do love my rock... If you like The Hold Steady, I'd say try: Frank Turner (I Knew Prufrock Before He Was Famous, Once We Were Anarchists) Everclear (Songs From An American Movie Pt 2, When It All Goes Wrong Again) Eve 6 (Here's To The Night, Promise) Stroke 9 (Vacuum
  11. Hi I have posted this in other places but, if you are worried about an IB you can do 2 things: 1. start on a low dose as the lower the dose the less harsh the side effects including IB (20mg prob good start) 2. Ask your derm about going on a steroid during the 1st month to counter act any IB. This does really work. You cant go on them for too long as they have serious long term use side effects but just for the 1st few weeks/month of using roaccutane will be fine and it will keep any IB at ba
  12. Hi I have recently been looking at the Clinique RX range. It seems that this is only out in the US although Harrods has an exclusive on the range and there is always e bay. It seems to be getting some fantastic reviews and I just wondered if anyone has used it and what they think? I am considering buying the cleanser, moisturiser and anti redness relief cream from e bay but reluctant to spend the £55 the 3 cost before knowing if it really is as good as I hear. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. Hi I have been on roaccutane more than once and I found that when I started at 20mg a day the IB was mild, few spots that went away quickly, plus the dryness wasnt too bad. I did start one course on 40mg though thinking it would clear quicker - bad move - the IB was much worse. I believe and I think the general consensus on the boards is the higher the dose the more the risk of an IB. If you have cystic acne I would seriously recommend asking your derm to prescribe a steroid during your initia
  14. Hi I found your log while doing a search of the forum and had a quite read through it. Was soooooexcited to see on your music log that you had The Hold Steady, I LOVE them. Just been listening to Separation Sunday myself! Am going to see them in December for the 1st time, it's been a long wait & I am so looking forward to it. I think I also saw an Arcade Fire track on another day - fab music taste I might go through your daily music and see if I can find anyone I havent heard of before a
  15. I've been on roaccutane more than once and the best thing for lips is elizabeth arden 8 hour cream in my opinion. It heals as well as keeps moisturised.