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  1. I don't think this is a common question but it sure is important. I am a 40 year old man. We are planning on our 2nd child. I am on Tretinoin 0.025% - and use it at night 3 times a week. I wonder if it will cause any deficiency in my sperm that could affect the baby. I cant seem to find much info about this topic on the internet. Anyone have any opinions?
  2. Take care not to roll on the active acne. That would result in "transplantation" of bacteria/sebum and infection to new areas.
  3. You look unexpectedly fabulous for someone who's got that many laser treatments in just 10 months. All one doctor? Edit: I am really sorry. I was a little sarcastic before, Couldn't see the pic clearly on mobile at night - but I now see the texture issues more clearly.
  4. @sahilrajpal This guy has had very good results with TCA Cross. wow. He has lighter skin though. Where are you sourcing your TCA from? And yes, do a smaller area first. Good luck! PS: I hear it can feel like bullet ants - so you may need numbing gel.
  5. Im so happy for you. your skin has somehow remodelled and filled in volume. Have you really used no fillers? Seeing this topic has made my day
  6. @Aron08 I think once your main scar(the raised one) on your right cheek is flattened and softened - your appearance will improve a lot. That's the main scar imo and it's in a very visible cosmetic area. I think surgical revision is the way for that one where the doctor will remove skin, flatten it and then stitch. I think its called punch excision. A flat linear scar(that you can treat more easily) is much more acceptable, especially in men.
  7. Sahil, I know you are eager to get better - but please take good care. Listen to what BA is saying. Yes, many doctors will not prefer TCA cross (on you) because there is real risk involved. This TCA cross works well for Type 1 and Type 2 skin and maybe Type 3. There is a reasonable chance that it could cause some complications in Type 4-6. It could work for you, but it could also go wrong and you could end up being worse of. Try on a small area first - Its best done by another person who can la
  8. @beautifulambition I am not a beauty blogger. I don't do this for a living. Not me. I think you are unfairly stereotyping here. I am not going to advertise or market anything here. My opinions are from my experiences and what worked for me. About shaving head that helped me - you kinda misquoted me. I didn't mean it like you made it seem sir. Co2 laser at mild settings - I don't think that will help enough. What's the point? Also, in that video, the person is much lighter than the av
  9. Yes. certainly, what I laid out in my previous post will make most people's skin lighter. I think you have pigmentation on the beard area and while a little pigment change is almost normal in that area for men who shave regularly - yours is more pronounced. That could lift with the cream containing HQ 2% and 0.02% tretinoin. Most popular brand for that is Melacare in India. And one more thing that IMO made a BIG change and made my face look cleaner very quickly was 'shaving my head'. I ca
  10. @91baby huge improvement. So Weekly or biweekly 50% glycolic acid peel can do wonders. I think now you should stop looking at your face using angle lighting if it affects your confidence - because really - your skin is good and you are so pretty. IMO even people with just large pores can look unflattering when light hits the skin at certain angles.
  11. What you are using is not accutane cream. Tretinoin and Isotretinoin(accutane) are actually radically different.
  12. Indian scenario Indian skin - the brown and also the wheatish skin types- are not suited for laser procedures unfortunately. Nor are deep peels advised. The max is 50% glycolic (after you build up from lower %). TCA, even at 25% is risky. IMO brown and light brown skin are most difficult to treat. They are light enough to starkly show up pigmentation and dark enough to have copious melanin that can come sweeping into skin irritations. In contrast, Caucasians have so many options including