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  1. weady97

    Day 17

    Continuing to keep clearing up. Still have 2 cysts. One on my forehead and the one on my cheek. The one on my cheek is not painful like they have been. Have not had many zits or whiteheads this week. Things are looking good! I can really say that the Cerave products are awesome. I don't have to re-apply moisturizer like I did with vani-cream. Happy I finally found a good face wash and moisturizer. I will keep updating but not that often.
  2. weady97

    Day 14

    Seems to keep getting better. Can say I've had two bloody noses now. Went into the dr today for a checkup. He even said I'm starting to clear up! I'll also be going to 60 mg next month. Seems like a big jump from 30 mg.
  3. weady97

    Day 13

    So I'm unsure if the flare up I had was my inital breakout or not. Skin has been getting more clear, still have the red spots on my forehead. Around my mouth and nose has completely cleared up. Kind of hope that was the IB. I'll keep updating!
  4. Called off work today. Woke up, took the prednisone and ate breakfast. Showered after and put on my moisturizer. The prednisone reaaaalllllyyyy helped. A lot of redness went away and I can actually eat normally again. The Cerave is definitely way better than the cetaphil. Not being left as dry, skin is actually holding the moisturizer without looking greasy. Pictures are of today. As you can see two new cysts on forehead and finally clearing around my mouth and nose. The prednisone g
  5. weady97

    Day 9..oh my

    Really painful face today, still lots of pustules around mouth and nose. Left work early again because my boss was concerned. Called the derm and told them what's going on. They prescribed me prednisone. 10mg pills 3x a day for 2 weeks. He also wants to see me next week to see the process. I only called the derm cause I was literally to the point of where it hurt to open my mouth. Actually cried today, I see where the depression part can come in. Hoping this doesn't last long.
  6. Nose and mouth is outlined with pustules and redness. Able to drain some but it hurts to touch. Now have 2 cysts on my forehead. Not as dry since I've switched cleanser and moisturizer. Also left work early as I couldn't take the embarrassment standing in front of customers. Definitely a low point. Just have to keep looking forward, I expected this..
  7. When I go in for my one month check up and refill I'm going to see if I can get on bactrim or something like that. I work retail, its very stressful for me standing in front of customer. I actually only got about 2 hours of sleep cause of back pain. Just to think this is day 8 of the next 6 months...
  8. weady97

    Day 7

    Really started to break out around my nose and chin. Lots of pustules, able to drain the ones that are ready but they come back. Can feel a cyst making its way on my forehead. Pretty dry skin, making it harder to eat. Also switching to Cerave Hydrating Cleanser and Cerave moisturizing cream.
  9. That's what I've been doing too, whenever I go to the bathroom I avoid looking up cause I will want to start to pick or get worried. I'm starting off at 30mg once a day. How do you like the Cerave Cleanser? I need to find something different.
  10. I'm on day 7 and noticing more dry skin and starting to break out. Not my usual cyst breakout though, just a lot of whiteheads.
  11. weady97

    Day 1-6

    Stopped using BP 2 days in as my skin started to get more dry. Switched to Cetaphil daily cleanser and Vani-cream lite moisturizer. Pretty calm so far just drying lips and lower chin. This is before I started claravis (accutane). Surprisingly had a calm day for this picture. As you can see I had a cyst on my forehead that h ad just went away. Also had a one on each side of my nose that was just healing.