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  1. I have a quick question. Does this only work for hyperpigmentation or does it help with rolling or boxcar scars, too?
  2. I just used it for the first time and I just want to note how much more gentle the acne.org products are than proactiv. Also, there's no smell from the BP or cleanser, like the proactiv products have. I really hope that this works out because I just have a good feeling about it.
  3. Alright so I just received the acne.org products today and i have one question. Is it alright if I do the cleansing part in the shower because that's what I've been doing with proactiv? I take a shower right before bed so it kinda just makes it easier.
  4. Thanks for all of your advise! I really appreciate it! If there's any other suggestions, I would really love to hear them
  5. I wish I heard of the AHA products before I ordered the products from Dan because i might have tried that first, but I have been using proactiv for about a year so its not like BP is going to be anything new. I mean I use it everyday and I don't mind it so hopefully I'll be fine.
  6. Well I ordered the starter kit so idk if i missed the sample pack or if the starter kit is the same thing. The question really is would I rather stay on proactiv or use Dan's products? Also, what alpha hydrox product are you using?
  7. Thanks Stephen for the reply. I don't think you can be anymore enthusiastic about Dan's products lol. How long did you use Proactiv before you switched to Dan's products? I'm going to give the acne.org regimen products a try and see if they work better than Proactiv. I've been looking around the site and there's a lot of people saying that you need to be patient, which is going to be a hard thing for me to do. Picking at my skin is also going to be a difficult habit to break, but hopefully I'
  8. I'm currently using proactiv (ya i know, here come the boos) and I'm thinking about switching over to Dan's acne products. I'd say that i have mild acne and i know don't have it the worst but I'm a pretty self conscious about how my face looks. My acne hasn't been that bad until this year when the colder weather started to arrive. I'm not really sure if dryness due to the weather is the main factor but it would be nice to here some opinions. What would you recommend and why? Thanks in advance.
  9. Stress, mostly from school and whatnot, but exercise helps for that
  10. I agree with energizer because im a long distance runner and exercise actually helps to decrease my acne, probably because of the decreased stress levels.
  11. I agree. The best way for me to get rid of neck acne is through exercise. I just started training again for the upcoming track season about a weak ago, and my neck is all cleared up now. Any form of exercise is the key....well for me at least.