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  1. DevsAccutaneLog

    Week 3

    Making sure to stay on top of moisturizing, hydrating and eating enough vegetables while I'm on this treatment plan. I'm 3 weeks in with my isotretinoin now. Still feel like I'm having more cysts come to the surface, a little less than the last week. Just gotta keep chugging along. I use cetaphil gentle wash and it's moisturizer. I feel it makes me red, I wonder if there are other products that are accutane friendly that doesn't cause this redness...
  2. Can i suggest adequate hydration and deep breathing techniques for relaxation? Stress management and exercise?
  3. DevsAccutaneLog

    Accutane Log 18y/o Male

    Hey man! I'm on day 10 of my journey. I'll be posting on the weekly to reflect on how my process is coming along. Let's be buddies on this journey together!
  4. DevsAccutaneLog

    Week 2

    Week 2: So yeah, it's near the end of week 2 and I FLARED up. Basically all around my beard region, edges around my upper lip, chin. Feels like shit. No breakouts else where, pretty much exclusively around my mouth. Lips aren't unusually dry. No systemic sides. I do feel like my back is clearing up significantly, but also because of recently moving out of Florida and being back in cold and dry NY. Overall feeling today is meh. I start job Orientation in 3 d
  5. Basic Intro for my self: I'm 23 y.o. Chinese American. I just finished my 5 years of undergrad (Bachelor degrees in Biomed Science and Nursing). I'll be working as a Registered Nurse at a hospital in Upstate NY. Started breaking out in my early teens age 11-17 (sort of managed it with OTC products... proactice... neutrogena... st. Ives.... clean & clear) Age. 17 my breakouts got significantly worse, more into the moderate severe spectrum. Started on derm perscribed antibioti