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  1. Thanks. I'll take some photos tomorrow. I'm reading the FAQ, and will also get a consultation with Rullan in San Diego. It's worth the trip, and I need to visit some friends down there anyhow. If I decide that RF microneedling is in my future, I may head out to Dr Weiner. My hometown is in the southeast. The website you've been on is probably Hairtell.com It's got some good information; also some misinformation. I should note that while electrolysis scarring is usually deep due to the
  2. This is a little different, but I'm told that electrolysis scars are often similar to acne scars. I figure it doesn't hurt to ask. I'm half-Chinese, half-Caucasian, probably between a Fitzpatrick III and IV. Early/mid 30s. I naturally have orange-peel skin, although the pores are starting to shrink due to estrogen injections. I'm a trans woman (that is, I am transitioning from male to female) who has been getting electrolysis to remove her beard hair. Electrolysis is a method of hair