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  1. I know you cant use vitamin A on accutane. is it okay to use vitamin E or D when on. i have a bad rash and want to take some vitamin E
  2. ya dude please we feel for you but you have a horror story that rarely occurs. Your just creeping people out. thanks for support so did oyu guy snot need the lip balm all the time after you stopped? did anyone else have to moistuirze their arms.
  3. For most of you does your skin return to normal after accutane. my derm put me on this stuff cause mine is so persisitent, i had mild acne when i started we had cured some with antibiotics. my skin is really dry i hope i will get my normal skin back after this. for most of you did it return and any rashes go away once you stop treatment.
  4. just look away from the person doing the blood test close your eyes if you want or talk to them and think of them as a freind.
  5. Hey i am on accutane 100 mg a day. im one day 6 actually some improvement up until day 4 it gave my some huge cysts. the skin is really drying up and my skin is dry and itchy. the chapped lips are not a problem but no new pimples and they are drying up. ( i had mild acne) anyways i am having a terrible problem. My arms have infalmed like crazy. it looks like a flesh eating disease. now i was quite aware of this but it was my choice to use this shit and i want to finish. its hard to sleep at
  6. Anyways i finally am getting accutane. today he gave me a blood test and says i have to wait 2 weeks. how often do you have to do these blood tests?????
  7. in canada the doctor sends a referal to a dermatologist its annoying how long it can take.\ anyone else in canada just call a derm and get an appointment without having to go through the hassle of seeing a normal doctor, then all these medicines that dont work, then a referal and waiting for an appointment.
  8. man have u tried other stuff how did you get accutane i didnt even think you had it from the pic. crazy.
  9. ya man im saying the same thing. i just wanna get on accutane feels like im wasting time. if im gonna go through all this hassle i want it all to be gone. how is it working?
  10. okay heres the deal guys. i went to my doc november. she gave me minocyclin and clindoxyl gel. it worked ya it brought some of the inflamation down. back end of december i went back and said it only worked at the begging and didnt change. doctor gives me minocycline again and stievamycin gel. now i hate steivamycin, but i never whine about side effects. this stuff makes my face feel like i got a coating of ice on it and flakes like mad. it wasnt the sides that piss me off so i go back to he