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  1. Congrats, Alan! Glad that this worked for you. In general, moisturize no matter what, oily or dry or normal your skin needs it. Drinking water helps with your insides when your digestion fails which results in acne, but it's the lotion that helps you on the outside. Just don’t use the scent ones use your basic ones because scented can cause more oil on your face and make you break out. Just a piece of advice, of course it's nothing wrong in drinking more water as long as you keep to the rec
  2. Thanks for sharing this, mel! Since my dermatologist suggested me Retin A as a new treatment, I was happy to know it have some positive feedback. Can't be 100% sure though that it will work for me as well, but as for now - so far so good. I'll definitely post some before and after selfies if everything will be fine. Knock on wood. About dehydration, have this side effect too and this is what helps me: drink tons of water, drink only 1-2 cups tea with caffeine, use a vaporizer at night (I use Vi
  3. Blood test is a regular practice, so don't be afraid. They will check your hormones, sugar level (if needed) and allergies to understand what have caused your condition.
  4. Twice that. You probably should contact your dermatologist. It seems to me that you might have an allergic reaction to it, though I'm not a med.
  5. I have been drinking Bragg's apple cider vinegar for some time now, and have never had a breakout from it. Also have friends who drink it with no problem. Can't guarantee though that something that works for me will be harmless for you as well. Alcohol affect people differently. There's little evidence to show that drinking alcohol causes acne, but in general: - Alcohol does affect your immune system and your immune system is what helps fight the acne bacteria - Alcohol affects you