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  1. Really? And is your skin peeling like that too? Its so uncomfortable but i guess it’s the only way to cure this stubborn acne
  2. I had my monthly appointment last week, My dose went up to two 30mg pills a day. And now My skin has started to peel awfully like I am working and I see little flakes of dry flesh fall on my desk! (Sorry about the details) but it’s the reality of Accutane and I saw it coming.. I use a lot of oil free screen protector and some moisturizer to help it a little but tbh it doesn’t really do much.. The skin still looks very dry even if I put on moisturizer. What does help it is to exfoliate it before
  3. I had a small breakout on both my weeks this week but I think it has to do with the fact that I’m during ‘that’ time of the month. There was one huge one on my left cheek to that was so painful and it was blind too which makes it worse! Eyes and lips extremely dry to the point that I have to put in eyedrops a couple times a day to refresh them and I put on caramex at least 20 times a day!!
  4. I’m sorry But I can’t get over how great my skin looks on this week! I think I had not seen my skin so clear for a verg long time. Side effects are all the same, now my hands are becoming very dry and the dryness of my lips is only getting worse.
  5. I FREAKING LOVE ITT!!! My skin was sooo clear on the second week I could not believe it!! I did have that ugly pimple on my nose that I’m pretty sure I could not resist to pop but overall I was feeling so great about myself that I wasn’t seeing any worsening of my acne and instead it was healing so fast, I think nothing had ever worked this fast for me before. Still experiencing lower back pain and dry lips but now my eyes were starting to get a little irritated by mid-day but I was
  6. When I started taking the pill my Dr told mw it was going to get worse before it got better. Honestly from the first day I started taking it I only saw improvement. I was feeling so happy that I was seeing results so fast, it was unbelieveable! I mean, it had only been one week and there was so much improvement already.. As for side effects My lips were a little dry and I had lower back pain every now and then but that was about it.
  7. My dirst day on accutane was on Feb. 5 2019, I am writing this on March 13 and I am on Week 5. I am writing now because I just decided to share with everyone my journey the out this rocky way to a clear skin!! On day one I was actually having the worst breakout I had eved had in my life which is why I was so excited to start taking this medicine. My dermatologist started me on a 30mg pill once a day. I added a pic of what my skin looked like one month before I started and one of the day I starte