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  1. WOW! I think you and I have the exact same issue with our cyst. Typically, when I get a pimple anywhere on my face, 99.9% of the time it will come to a head and I can take the liquid out. However, when I get a forehead cyst, it becomes a lot more serious. 3 Weeks ago, a small and barely noticeable pimple appeared on my forehead. I thought nothing of it. As days passed by, I noticed the skin surrounded the pimple getting more pinkish. After the first week it was officially a cyst. It was small
  2. I had a cyst on my chest that appeared from an ingrown hair last January 2007. The cyst grew so large until it finally popped. Over time the cyst healed but left a raised a scar. I am not sure whether it is a Keloid or a Hyprotophic Scar. The reason I don't think its a Keloid is because it has not grown any larger since last Janurary and it has slightly decreased in size. Yesterday morning, my derm injected the cyst with Triamcinlone(kenalog). When I removed the bandaid last night I was shocke
  3. This is my third time on accutane. I was on 80mg for 5 months and was 100% clear at the end of my 5th month. My derm decided to keep me on accutane taking 10mg a day for a year immediatly after. For about 2 months, taking 10mg, i stayed clear. Now within the last month, I've started breaking out again. Large whiteheads. The acne lasts for a long time too. I have active bumps on my face from almost 3 weeks ago. My derm assured me I would not break out again, and she was so wrong. Obviously 10mg
  4. If anyone knows how you feel... its definetly me. Exactly 2 months after i stopped tane... i started breaking out again. I noticed my skin was beginining to lose its firmness and then the oilyness began again. In a matter of a week I broke out every where. Within 2 weeks it was back full force. I begged my derm to put me on Accutane in August and she said no. She put me on tetra instead. It did nothing... the only thing that sorta worked was BP. But i will still very active. 3 weeks ago i had
  5. Whenever I get a tiny and i mean tiny whitehead. It always turns into a hugeeee cyst (like 5mm wide). And then when it pops. It goes through this cycle of refilling itself with more white junk. A cyst typically takes 3 weeks to flatten. And once it goes away... i get triple the amount around the same area. My IB three weeks into tane so far still isn't helping the situation. Any tips?
  6. im using 5% bp while on tane. This being my 3rd time has been the worst. 3 weeks in so far, and my face looks 200 times WORST than when i started the drug with 2 cysts.
  7. WTF.. how do u get 5mg out of accutane. its only comes in 10mg... 20mg... and 40mg packs... have fun cuttin that shit up.
  8. I thought vitamin E didn't clog pores... i never had a bad breakout after using it or anything... its just something my derm told me. So im always hesitant to use products containing it.
  9. well i just wrote this in another thread.. but whatever.. i know your probably using a cleanser right now. thats fine. but the second your skin flattens out... just use water. you will notice that your skin wont be as dry, and your body will learn to produce the perfect amount of oil to keep your skin moisturized. An old guy on this messageboard told me this 3 years ago and i thought he was fucking nuts. But i tried it and was suprised. Right now im using all purpose soap, and if i really nee
  10. i dont know how true this is. But i remember my derm a few years ago telling me not to use moisturizer containing vitamin e... cause vitamin e scientifically clogs pores. In the past i have used jamieson 30000IU vitamin e... and have found zero improvement. dont waste ur time/money. another thing... if you dont need to moisturize...DONT. I found on my last round of accutane the only times i need to moisturize were when i used a cleanser. From last January to May i rinsed my face with only water
  11. yes thats also true but ive noticed that people who have very minor acne... get it bad at first. people are always questioning if it was a right decision. it is. accutane works. trust me. you will be clear. if i were you, pray you get the IB early.. because the way i see it: your at a low dose and your skin will be able to heal the zits that came up during the initial breakout compared to if you were three months in and accutane has completly lowered the speed of healing.
  12. im on 80mg now. I think i'll be at 140mg very soon. I finished accutane last May taking 120mg. I didnt even have that many bad side effects. I was clear 3 months into accutane on my last course. I was hoping accutane wouldnt be such a bitch since i just got off it about 5 months ago. But i think im starting from scratch again.
  13. this is honestly amazing. It seems like a majority of people started accutane late september. And we all are going through the IB right now. I hope everyone will get similar results at the same time.
  14. dont just jump on the accutane bandwagon right away. im going through the worst initial breakout right now. Large cysts grouped together. My acne was never this aggressive before I went on the drug. But I know how accutane works... this being my third round. Just be prepared for the worst at first. It takes alot of courage and confidence to get through the first month of accutane. And its easy to say "ya i can deal with it" until you see what it does.