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  1. can u buy that soap or something like it in like a drugstore?? lol once i put like bactine in my facewash and i was wondering if that would be the equilvalent of that medicated soap?
  2. can someone reccomend a good like body wash for acne on the back? oh and a good face wash for acne too. thanks
  3. I was wondering if using a sunless tanner would be a good idea or not. I am kinda pale and I have a bit of those little brownish marks left from old pimples. I don't have massive breakouts I get like 1 or 2 pimples every so often. I was wondering if using a sunless tanner would make te marks look bad or would possibly conceal them, or not change anything. If it's a good idea could someone please reccomend a good drugstore sunless tanner ((or bronzer)). And I was also wondering if getting a re
  4. I did and I turned out alright. I mixed it with Cetaphil so I wouldn't be too dry.
  5. Does anyone have a reccomendation for a good brozer that won't clog pores or cause acne?
  6. Can someone please reccomend a good drugstore cleanser that would be good to help get rid of pimples? Thanks!
  7. i used the baking soda mixed with water paste as a scrub every once and a while on accutane. i was very gentle and it helped to get rid of some dead skin. i wouldnt use the vienagar though.
  8. hi ive been off accutane for almost 2 months now and my face is oiler now too and i just got my first after accutane pimple (haha its real little but kinda real red) so i was wondering if anyone had a reccomendation for a good acne wash(or pimple cream) that i could buy at somewhere like walmart or walgreens. my derm recomended that orange neutrogena 2% salicyic wash or panoxyl (i think) which is some kid of bezoyl peroxide thing. do those work?
  9. i was on it for 6 ot 7 months. i just made my acne worse and my skin VERY oily. thats why i finally told my derm enough was enough and went on accutane. i love accutane!
  10. i kno that drinking alcohol is bad, especially while on accutane, but im just curious as to what accutane and alcohol does to your body and what will happen if u drink alcohol whilst on accutane.
  11. i use aloe gel before i put on makeup and i mix my foundation with a little bit of moizturizer.