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  1. Hello! I'm a girl and as you know, girls get acne because of man-like hormones. You are most probably hormonal, like I am. Go to a dermatologist and ask for Roaccutane, do not accept some tetracyklines, it just does not work! Believe med, I know the most about acne.
  2. Read the doctor interviews, don't ask just anyone! Doctors knows best! Vitamins like C-vitamin, sink and the omega 3 pills.
  3. I am wondering what happens when you stop using this procedure on your skin. Will the red marks become visual again or are they truly gone forever? Vinegar smels like shit though! I have a bottle myself.. yuck! Why don't you rather listen to the skin doctors, those are the ones who knows best how to treat different skin issues. I could try yout method but first I'd like to know how your skin develops. Try for one month and stop doing this, then let us now how you look without this procedure. No