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  1. The mini pill that doesn't affect blood pressure can also stop / control acne. I know that it did for me. You would have to try to see though, as the results are quite unpredictable. It is said to cause depression but it did the opposite for me. That photo looks exactly like my chin. Sorry I can't help on scar removal or whatever but I can't really tell what sort of scarring it is, it just looks like bumps to me or more acne. Is it? Is it little pin marks (that's what I have), or is it lumpy? (t
  2. It looks like either shaving bumps or blocked pores before blackheads appear. I would try antibacterial stuff and then jojoba oil sitting on the skin for a while. Also look at your diet. I was eating rapeseed oil which was clogging up my pores.
  3. expensive, doesn't work at all, made skin look worse.

    I bought this even though it was really expensive and something I would never buy, because I was buying stuff on credit and I added this and the Murad pore cleansing foam in, out of desperation and my false belief that expensive products probably work simply because you have spent so much on them. That was not the case.  They both look good and seem expensive but both were really bad. This one, the bottle is really quite big although I guess it has to be. It can spray in any direction
  4. I don't see any reason why acne would suddenly stop needing to be treated but if you want to try it that's obviously up to you. I know a lot of people think this way and want to go natural but how did you end up on it in the first place? I can't remember why I stopped using it but I didn't use it for a very long time and I can tell you that I needed to go and buy some URGENTLY fairly recently when my acne exploded to ridiculous levels again and I was getting immediate scarring so I couldn't
  5. goofyG

    works but hella expensive

    works but hella expensive

    The place I bought it from must have figured out it helps us and decided to rip us off. It costs literally £99 for a pouch. When I first bought it it was only around £20 (which is still expensive really). It works but you break out extremely badly with cystic spots and lots of them, on face and body, when you first start it. Then it calms down but if you stop or miss a day or few you will get cysts back again. I wish the medical community would look into this and explain why. It's not only clear
  6. huge extreme yellow blackheads immediately

    What a horrendous mistake. As soon as I put even a little on it just seemed to completely fill up my pores, especially my nose, with the oil and began looking like huge old blackheads. I can never do or attempt this again. I am not going to try putting it on my body either as I get acne on my body and it's a stupid idea if it clogs your pores up and causes you spots. 
  7. I wanted to let all you guys know and see if you have any ideas on what is going on? When I consume this I get a bumpy face like gravel is underneath my skin or something. You can't even put cream on it because it's just like constant shallow bumps all over the entire face, but specifically at the sides of my face, under my eyes straight down to my chin. But also on my forehead. I also get random pussy spots on my face. This usually happens when I have a LOT or I eat it multiple days in a r