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  1. creme_puffx

    Day 70

    Your skin looks great ! From your photos, you don't have any active spots or indentations. Are you still continuing with using BP ? You're so brave to make your photos public. I'm also a uni student and I suffer from moderate acne/blackheads. Itt really affects my self-esteem. I've noticed that stress and sleep deprivation plays a huge role on how my skin 'behaves'. Luckily I can conceal some of it with makeup so at least I can look more 'normal' when I'm going out or have to face people. Jus
  2. creme_puffx

    with makeup

  3. have you tried cutting dairy out of your diet? I tried that for a month (i used to drink milk everyday and ate it with cereal for breakfast) and now i have substituted it for soy milk instead. and my skin has noticeably improved, but now I'm back on dairy again because I can't seem to give up chocolate Also, I've heard that ACV(apple cider vinegar) is very effective as a topical or to be drunken orally everyday. I'm thinking of buying some myself and trying it..will let you know if its any goo
  4. creme_puffx

    not wonderfull

    i think your skin is really nice!! whatever you're doing.. it's clearly working very nicely ! )