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  1. No filler was used. I was trying to say that my skin can look a little darker brown than it appears in the photos. I was concerned that the Fraxel re:pair laser may not be right for my skin color but it turned out fine without any hyperpigmentation. Thanks for the kind words connectland. I agree with you percentage-wise and I’m happy with the results.
  2. I am learning a lot from these forums so I thought I would contribute and share my experience with Dr Taylor in Salt Lake City. It has been a year since the treatment and I am happy with the results. I'm making plans to see him again sometime this year. I will be sure to update this thread, hopefully with even more improvement to my skin after the next treatment. MY SKIN I am in my 40s with no active acne. The scars were from a long time ago and were most severe on my cheeks. I also ha