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    Taking antibiotics for "Rosacea" for 2 decades - DIMETHICONE !!!
  1. Been hunting for silicone-free beauty products, please list any that you have found that work. Hope to find some more good ones! Thank you! I recently tried OLAPLEX hair product that is supposed to seal down hair cuticle and make hair "repaired" from within.... but I dare say... I think whatever the chemical is in Olaplex that smooths....( just like dimethicone smooths hair and skin so well).... I believe I might be reacting to it too! I do not know yet, what the ingredient in Olaplex is
  2. Hi, just hoping to get the word out there to the medical and science world. It seems that no one realizes that DIMETHICONE and TRIMETHICONE are REALLLLLLLY horrible for some people's skin. I look it up online and it says safe enough for babies. But I would feel so sorry for any baby who is having the same reaction that I have to these silicones in the creams and moisturizers. Please know, that my own dermatologists just assumed I had rosacea for nearly 20 years. They put me on a daily regim