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  1. Week 1, Day 7 Initial breakout still hitting hard. I broke out even more mid day yesterday I even have a pimple on my ear... what is this lol. In another case every part of my skin that isn’t broken out is basically baby smooth. im going to take a few days off from posting until something changes! Don’t want to be repetive on here
  2. I straight up asked for Bactrim or predinose to help with the IB And they immediately shut me down saying that for my blood tests the need to know that it’s accutane that it shooting up my levels and not something else. All I heard is they wanna save money. I hate Kaiser lol. I was gonna just tackle my day again by not looking in the mirror, then I just saw my dad and he goes “dang you got some pimples goin”. Yep... the way I see it is, this month is most likley gonna be the hardest month.
  3. Week 1, Day 6 so the amount pimples I have actually hurts. If I scrunch or move my face in anyway I’m in pain. My back is in pain because of the pimples. This purge sucks. Also anyone else getting irritable? I noticed me getting annoyed at small things a few days in, but last night my friend said something pertaining to me about buying a lot of video games and I literally got so pissed and started going off? After like 10 minutes I told him I was on Accutane and he fully understood. He said
  4. Honestly!! I mean I look In the morning so I can update but other than that I’ll just leave it alone and not look. Dude the cerave cleanser is trash hahaha. I’ve been using it and it definitely hydrates or whatever but I feel like it doesn’t clean my face at all. Week 1, Day 5 ok so For a living I’m a fitness model. Not gonna say my name on here but essentially I really need this acne gone lol. But basically today I was sending some pictures to my comp prep trainer and I took one of my
  5. Good luck with the IB! I’ve already started breaking out decently bad and what I’ve done is honestly just not look at myself throughout the day. I’m used to looking in every mirror I see and going on Snapchat 24/7 and honestly just not looking right now is what is best for me. I’m not so paranoid all day. What dosage are you on, if you don’t mind me asking?
  6. Awesome man glad to hear! Yea my lips are getting a little dry but my skins all good so far! Definitely a initial breakout for me though
  7. Week 1, Day 4 Ok so it’s morning right now and definitely starting to experience some sort of a initial breakout. New zits are coming up end there coming to a head almost instantly. Looks kinda gross.
  8. Going off the log for a second here, I was looking at old logs and posts and interactions and i saw this one that was started in 2006. It was a thread of people’s before and after pictures on Accutane. People still put there pictures on there to this day 13 years later. Crazy. But mainly this site used to have so much more interaction. People would communicate with each other and it just seemed way better. So with that said hopefully we can all interact on this log and talk about what we’ve trie
  9. Week 1, Day 3 Not a whole lot to report today. Nothing is really dry yet and things are basically the same as yesterday!
  10. Week 1, Day 2 Ok so morning of day 2 I of course go directly to the mirror as I’m sure most of us do. Gotta see what we’re dealing with today. So immediately I notice the 3 cluster of zits above my lips got bigger... even with the slab of Salyic acid over them. Then I look down at 2 cysts in my chin/jaw area that have been there a couple weeks and notice they’ve both come to a head? Not necessarily contributing this to the Accutane but a little confused on the timing and how a cyst came to
  11. Yes bro! How’s everything going so far?!
  12. Month 1, Day 1 first pill of 20mg down. Only side effect is excitement. Though I know this will cause some side effects and I will most likely have a initial breakout I’m very optimistic about this whole thing. I know that at the end of this treatment my skin will be the most clear it’s ever been even better than antibiotics. As far as the initial breakout goes, it’ll definitely suck but all the pimples that come out we’re already there and we’re gonna be coming eventually so might as well
  13. Hahah funny situation just happened me. So very few times in my life have I had my acne get the best of me. Usually results in me throwing a acne wash at the wall or something similar but very few times . Anyway as I was just sitting down looking in the mirror seeing the 3 cluster of big red pimples on my upper lip I was getting very worked up. Slowly feeling anger rush through my body suddenly my phone starts ringing. I awnser and it’s my derm. She said my blood results came back and everything
  14. Got it thank you for the advice! I did a ton on research and that never came up so i appreciate the extra Info !
  15. Thank you for the advice will do!! I tried vitamin b5 to clear my acne because I had heard great things about it. Tried it the last 2 months and didn’t do much for me . Do you recommend vitamin b12 for energy? Good luck man keep me updated! At least we know that clear skin is at the end of this!