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  1. Same thing happened to me with Differin XP gel Good work bro............Thanks for posting the pics. This will encourage ppl to use conventional acne treatments
  2. Why dont you try a tropical retinoid such as adapalene or tazorac ? I normally use La Roche-Posay effaclar products for cleansing.
    Lower the oil production in a significant amount Clears acne and prevents More sun protection needed than Adapalene user I started using adapalene 0.1.It cleared my skin but my oil production was the same.So I tried Differin 0.3 also but oil production was the same.But it cleared my skin. So I gave a try for ISOTREX then.Woww....... My skin became normal from a oil slick. Thanks Stirfel
  3. Keep faith in your doctor my friend...I have heard that some ppl want to do a second course
  4. It's not BS because I rebalanced my body without prescriptions and rid myself of severe acne. Acne is a symptom of an imbalance within your body. If you do not believe in natural methods, why are you in this forum? But some people try these kind of approaches even before trying the conventional methods which are Dermatologist accepted and widely proven scientifically. My point is that AT FIRST you have to try conventional treatment methods like tropical retioinds,anti microbials, or
  5. Not eating food for 10 days and just drinking water I recently did a fast for 36 hours. Cleared me for the next week. I had maybe one or two TINY zits. Then everything came back... Wondering why? This is more of a shot in the dark, but it could be related to digestive issues. If you are basically shutting down your digestive system, you body can focus on clearing other parts of your body. If you have one of the following, fasting can be focusing your energy towards your secondary
  6. My life also completely changed because of acne But after I get medication from dermatologist. My acne disappear.My advice is that you go to see a dermatologist. You can have your life back Best wishes (I lost most important things in life because of acne)
  7. DAY 63 I have started ISOTREX 5 days ago. I switched to ISOTREX as a solution for my oily skin. Differin cleared my skin but did not took care of my oilyness. So ISOTREX will be my solution for oily skin
  8. I have heard that it is effective in reducing sebum production I don't think Retin A does that
  9. DAY 49 Today I officially declare that my skin is 100% clear. I am using this regimen and my sebum is get lowering day by day. No ACNE !!! My regimen Morning La Roche Posay purifying gel Effaclar M -OR-Effaclar DUO Night La Roche Posay purifying gel Differin 0.3 Supplement Fish oil and Becozinc (Indain )
  10. DAY 47 It is been a week after I started using Differin 0.3 gel. Now my oil secretion is lowering. The secret is La Roche Posay Effaclar M.(I use these other BP and moisturizer in morning ONLY , NOT in night....In night Differin ONLY) That moisturizer normalize sebum production day by day. I think you may have confused about by regime. First I used Effaclar DUO (International) Then, Effaclar DUO (USA) or Benzac AC (2.5) But lately I noticed my skin needs normalize the sebum prodution.S
  11. I got real good results from Differin. I read in "Acne for Dummies" book, that initial breakout happens because of the irritation. So to lower the irritation, you can apply a really really little of it on your face. That way you can lower initial breakout. I also agree with Dr.Goodheart, I applied so much at the first time. So I got a IB on my first week. Then I applied little.So no problem !!! The very bad IB is really a very rare case. So good luck !!! My friend !!
  12. Day 41 On the 39th day I switched to Differin XP gel (The 0.3 version) It was not available in my country,So I had to order it form a Internet Canadian Pharmacy Although it is now only 2 days, I can tell that my oilyness has been reduced greatly My skin is Clear.Actually no new breakouts for a week. I love Differin XP gel.....Actually it feels great.No irritation The most suitable method is to use exactly the way they say.Only pea size for entire face. OK Thanks............Galderma and C
  13. DAY 36 I have done small change to the regimen. I added Benzoyl Peroxide to the regimen.The reason is that I have seen some new minor breakouts in my left cheek. So My new regimen includes benzac AC 2.5.It does not make skin dry. But makes it less oily. Overall I am really happy with my skin.Actually it is totally clear Morning La Roche Possay Effclar Purifying Gel (Cleanse) Benzac AC 2.5 Evening La Roche Possay Effclar Purifying Gel (Cleanse) Differin 0.1 gel Supplements Seven Seas