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  1. you sound like me. i didnt have a single breakout from august-october when the weather was warm. but in november when it started getting cold i started to get a bunch of clogged pores and im still getting them. its the weather
  2. I use the cream because I have really dry, sensitive skin. If you have oily skin I think the gel would work better.
  3. I started with the .1, then moved down to .05 because it was too strong, and then the .05 was still too strong, and now I'm at the .025 which is just right for me! Yeah all the shiny skin is gone, it looks like normal skin now. Acne wise I only get like one or two spots a month
  4. I had the shiny plastic/snake skin stuff and really raw skin you had when I was on Retin A Micro .1 and .05. It was because they were too strong. I switched to Tretinoin Cream .025 and everythings been good since then And make sure you use only a pea size! Not chickpea either, but tiny green pea
  5. That's normal for a strong laser It's because of blood vessels erupting and stuff
  6. Any product can claim that it is noncomedogenic since the use of that term isn't regulated! Sodium LAURETH Sulfate is safe but Sodium LAURYL Sulfate is the irritating one. http://www.cosmeticscop.com/sodium-lauryl-...mtype%3acontent
  7. that sounds like an allergic reaction! you did the right thing
  8. if u want to try a BHA two products that work really good are Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control, 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment $8 Cosmedicine Speedy Recovery Acne Treatment Daytime Blemish Lotion SPF 15 $40
  9. Go ahead! I started using Retin A Micro and I only had mild acne. Not only are retinoids good for acne but if you start using a retinoid + sunscreen early it'll prevent wrinkles later in life!
  10. Don't skip college cos of THAT! Skin is fixable and yours isn't even bad!
  11. Thanks! And yeah if I could do things over again I'd probably spend the $200 on something else other than the Clarisonic. It's nice but I could live without it! Update: I went back to the skin regimen I used before I started the RAM. I attributed all my complexion defections to the Retin-A but I think it could've been all the new stuff I was using. Also, the Cerave cleanser sucks! Zero out of 5 stars! I wish my skin liked it, cos their website makes it seem really high tech and cool, but it bur
  12. im just finishing a month so im just getting over the ib and the ib was hell!!!! worst breakout ive ever had, but its improving fast. just remember retin-a is proven to get rid of acne/wrinkles in the long term and has tons of research behind it! good luck!
  13. i use it in the morning but you could use it at night, just wait 30 mins before you put on the ram
  14. http://www.cosmeticscop.com/dictionary_ter...term=peppermint peppermint. Both the oil and the extract can have antimicrobial properties (Source: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, July 2002, pages 3943–3946), but they can also have an irritating, sensitizing effect on skin (Source: www.naturaldatabase.com). See counter-irritant.
  15. whythankyou


    and she still managed to get an estee lauder contract! good for her
  16. Korea! Whenever my Korean relatives visit they always criticize everything. So judging by relatives.. Korea
  17. Ok I just wanted to post this old picture of Jessica Stam (a model) http://i38.tinypic.com/2d97ihi.jpg And here is a more recent one: http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb241/f...a-stam-met2.jpg I thought it was very inspiring! I wonder what she uses!
  18. Day 8: Something came over me and made me squeeze every bump on my forehead and the blackheads on my nose! I really hope I didn't do any permanent damage.
  19. Week 1 Getting the stuff was kind of difficult. First I went to the clinic at my university because it is free and the nurse there wouldn't prescribe it! What a bitch! So I decided to go to a REAL doctor instead. At a medspa. The people there were a lot more sympathetic to my plight. Anyways they called it in and I picked it up at my pharmacy and it turns out to be Retin A Micro .1% not .04%. I decided not to correct them.. what's the worst that could happen? Days 1-2: No side affects! I thoug
  20. A little background: I'm 18. I don't really have acne anymore due to the use of AHAs and BHAs, and I think I just kinda grew out of it, but I really wanted to try out a tretinoin cream for the long term benefits, fix my acne scars, and for the occasional breakouts I get. Before the Retin A Micro my skincare routine was AM (BEFORE): Clarisonic (Sensitive) + Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash Cosmedicine Speedy Acne Recovery Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Neutrogena Age Shield SPF 55 PM (BEFORE): Clariso
  21. hehehe you can tell he blurred it cos his eyelashes in the corner look like a smudge