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  1. Hey guys. Quite obviously, I haven't been around here - not entirely because I'd finished my course and my skin was okay, but a lot of other things sort of jumped in the way. Anyway, a little update, I guess? It's been a while since I finished my course, and my skin was clear for a while afterwards. I still get spots. Blackheads on my nose are back, forehead breaks out, I get some pretty nasty ones. It's not as bad as it was before to the point where I was covered in them, but I haven't
  2. ...if anything, I'm consistent. This is a status update for 2013. Hello!

    1. I use this sucker: It works really well. It's cooling, goes on easy and it's clear. I get chronic dark circles too (although mine are from lack of sleep) and this pretty much stompinates them. My older sister turned me onto it because she uses it, it helps her and she used to walk on the bags under her eyes. You could also try taking a vitamin B12 supplement. Sometimes the dark circles are related to a B12 deficiency, so that might help a little. And you know, cutting cucumber slices
    2. I've been using Lee Stafford products and they are fantastic. I have curly hair, but I use the dehumidifying spray, dry shampoo and flat iron mist and my hair stays soft and shiny all day. It also smells really nice. Just wish I'd started using them before I had a keratin treatment done - that cost $300 and did nothing for my hair, but the set of three Lee Stafford products cost me $30 and I am in love with them. Plus, they all come in pink bottles... and I'm hideously girly, pink is my favouri
    3. So, it's been... a week and a half, 'round about, since I had my hair treated. Really, it's made no difference to my hair. I'm disappointed, because it cost me $300 and it took 3 hours, I followed their instructions to a tee, but three days later when I washed it with organic shampoo, it went straight back to being frizzy, unkempt and unruly as it always has. You live and you learn, I guess. I wouldn't do it again. The experience was uncomfortable, not being able to get my hair wet sucked
    4. I understand your frustration. It can take a while to kick in depending on how stubborn your acne is. Just take your pills and don't get worked up over it. Allow them to do what they're supposed to do, and try not to think about it. The PIH will clear up on its own, you just need to give it time. Your skin is dry and thin at the moment so it's going to heal a little more slowly than usual, but the PIH shouldn't be your concern at the moment. I'm in month four (or five? I've lost count) at the mo
    5. I'm glad everything turned out well for you too! Hahaha I hope you do better than me, too! It was only nerves that got the best of me, I'm not actually a bad driver, I swear.
    6. Apparently it's really good for curly hair! :D Because it doesn't actually straighten it, per se, just makes it sit nicer, and takes a little of the curl out. Oh my goodness. :( I actually considered the thermal reconstruction, but it's not available here... I looked at a whole heap of reviews last night though, and a lot of people feel the same way you do. I don't think I want to have perfectly straight hair! I like the volume my hair has (except today, I flat ironed it and it is straight ou
    7. It's been more than a month since I even posted here, what is this madness?! Actually, I haven't been active on the Org at all... to be perfectly honest, I don't think about my skin much, because I don't need to. But when I really stop and think about it, I'm absolutely amazed that it has come this far, to the point where I'm no longer plagued by the one thing that took up so much of my headspace for eleven years straight... So, this is my fourth month. Almost my fifth. I have my last dermato
    8. Hey guys. I've been trying to grow my hair out for a long time now, and I've finally got it to a length that doesn't make me want to throw a tantrum (minus an unfortunate streak of insanity that compelled me to have a straight fringe cut into the front... it will grow out, it will grow out, it will grow out...), but because it's quite curly, fluffy and unruly, I've been finding things to use on it that will cut down on the frizz and the split ends enough to allow it to continue to grow witho
    9. I second what Paul has said, definitely speak to your parents again. Sit them down. Express to them how you feel, and tell them that you would really like to spend more time with them and that you don't mean to be rude. Please don't feel embarrassed about speaking up. Acne isn't a terrible disease, we make a much bigger deal out of it (understandably, since we have to deal with it personally) than most other people do. Before I went to see the dermatologist, my skin was at its absolute worst and
    10. Look, honestly, nobody wants to touch a pimple (I myself never want to, but really only because I know that it hurts to touch them), and that's no big deal. But if somebody genuinely cares about you, they will kiss you and they won't give a flying squirrel about your skin. Not everybody does a huge deal of hands-to-face contact anyway. I was with my ex for two and a half years, he used to touch my hair and whatever else, but even with clear skin, there wasn't excessive amounts of face touchin'.
    11. I use extra virgin olive oil. It's cheap, safe and the molecules are too large to clog your pores. I put a small amount in my palm, rub my hands together and sweep it over my face and eyes. Then I use cotton pads to wipe off my foundation and eye makeup, followed by my cleanser to wash off the residue. It's cheap, it lasts forever and it leaves your skin nice and soft. It can leave your eyes a tad cloudy, so try to keep 'em closed when you're removing your mascara and such. Don't use ACV on
    12. Thank you for your response!! It helps to know someone else sees this too. I am more fair than last time. Last time, I was soooo tan throughout my entire course. I went tanning daily for about 6 months before I started Tane.... I know, bad idea! haha That phase in my life is over, and I'm embracing my pale self. I'm naturally so pale that if you shine a torch on me I'm transparent.
    13. If nothing else works, then yes (although your acne is definitely not severe). Accutane is for severe acne, but it's also for persistent acne that doesn't clear up with other medications. Being 21 and still having it might put you in good stead. Go in with a list of what you've tried and see what your dermatologist says. If you need it, you'll get it. If you don't need it, be happy about it. And try something else!
    14. Well, in that case, you could just be taking 20mg a day. They come in 10, 20 and 40mg variants if I'm not mistaken, I take one 20mg pill a day.
    15. Your derm told you to break a liquid capsule in half... well there's a new one... if your derm doesn't know what they're prescribing I'd be a bit concerned. What dose are you on at the moment?
    16. I've noticed this too, and I'm on a low dosage. It's because your skin is thinning out, your veins aren't getting bigger. If you're worried, go see your doctor and have some tests run to eliminate any other underlying medical issues before you freak out. Your skin thickens once you are off of Accutane; it doesn't stay thin.
    17. Hello, 2012! This is a status update... I'm updating my status! Enthralling!

      1. I'm on 20mg a day, I work out, I'm three and a half months in and no problems thus far. You sound like the kind of person who can listen to their body, just keep doing that and if something really isn't right, go see your doctor.
      2. Three months and fourteen days. Still only dry lips. Cool beans.
      3. Nono, I mean like once a week How long are you on accutane, and how are the results? Once a week, you will be absolutely fine. I've been on for two and a half months, totally clear now. Even though I eat chocolate. No side effects aside from dry lips, low dose (20mg).
      4. Assuming you don't eat so much chocolate that you get diabetes/become morbidly obese/explode/replace your entire balanced diet with it, you can eat chocolate. I'm on Accutane, I occasionally nibble some chocolate, it is No Big Deal. People are so doom and gloom.
      5. They're worth it if you're just not able to get out and run around the neighborhood. I understand that; sometimes it gets too late to safely go for a run, it rains, it's so windy that trees are hurling branches and sheets of corrugated iron around (I live in the windiest town in Australia, no joke...). $800 is a reasonable price for a new treadmill, but I'd definitely go with Wynne's advice, second hand treadmills are just as good. People also fork out a lot of money for fancier treadmills, but
      6. I can't remember what day I'm up to, but I thought I'd make a tiny update here. My arms are a bit rashy at the moment, it's really itchy and annoying, although I don't know if it's anything to do with Accutane since I started using a new shower gel the other day and I think I might just be loofah-ing too hard. Sigh, it was such a nice one, too. Oh well! I woke up and felt what I thought was a pimple on my chin, turns out there was nothing there and I've just forgotten what a pimple feels li