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+ Eradicates flakiness. + Smooths out skin. + Evens complexion. + HUGE tube - definite value for money, even with international shipping. - Stings when applied. - Leaves face red for a little while. - Increased sensitivity to the sun. When I first received this, I seriously wasn't expecting the tube to be as big as it is. Definitely worth the price tag as you won't find a product of equal value for that kind of price. I've not used it for a long time, just nig

By Gutterflower,

+ Clearer, smoother skin. + Shinier hair (my hair is usually dull). + My joints seem to click less... I normally sound like a defective ball joint doll for some reason. - Icky aftertaste. - Remembering to take them consistently! Overall, I'd recommend people try fish oil if they haven't given it a bash yet - you never know until you try! I've found it has helped me, and in combination with zinc, it's had a tremendous impact on the overall condition of my skin, not just my acne. My

By Gutterflower,

- Good availability - Eliminates moderate acne with consistent use - Quite drying to skin - Has the potential to cause damage Okay, look guys... if you use 10% BP on your face, it's going to burn your skin. You don't need anything stronger than 2.5%, and you only need to apply it once or twice a day. Don't go crazy with it. BP is the only thing that helps my stubborn acne. It hasn't cleared me up completely to date, but it is literally the only product that has given me any hope for im

By Gutterflower,

- Easy to follow steps - Calms angry spots super quickly - Continues to improve skin with consistent use - Doesn't smell revolting - Can be drying - don't use too much! - Some people mightn't like the scent - Doesn't stretch far for the price I'm one of those people who has tried everything and loses heart after weeks of either no results or worsening acne. I will openly admit that after three or four weeks, if I don't see any improvement whatsoever, I struggle to remain

By Gutterflower,

- I didn't get pregnant, but that's only because I literally felt my libido die when I started taking it. - Fractionally bigger breasts that hurt to touch, so they were surely useful. - No sex drive. At all. As in, it took care of the only reason I was taking a contraceptive in the first place. - I broke out. Not just a little. My face was clear before I started, and two weeks later my cheeks, jawline and around my mouth turned into a warzone. - Weight gain. I had bigger boobs, bu

By Gutterflower,

- Nice, even and buildable coverage - Easy to apply - Stays matte for most of the day - Easy to find - Comes with a little kabuki brush for even application... buffs it on really nicely - It's available at a lot of different places (Target, Woolworths, a lot of chemists, etc.) - Doesn't come in a huge range of tones, especially for people with yellow tones - Doesn't have as much staying power as a more expensive foundation I've been using this foundation for a few m

By Gutterflower,