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  1. im from the uk as well you have to order it from websites they dont sell it over here
  2. propolis is used in the hives to protect against infection so i think this is probably why it works better maybe than just honey? intresting link http://www.beevitalpropolis.com/pages/propolisstory.html i use mine twice a day and top up throughout the day if needed i would use the nucelle or mama first as you have to wait 30 mins before applying anything over the the top of it but in general you layer starting from the thinest product to the thickest those sort of active ingredients i would
  3. I would definetly use it i also just realised the whole point of me doing this skin culture peel right now is because my skin has been pigmented in areas from picking at spots when i was using the propolis gel i never had that problem there are lots of other products in the range i am going to mix the collagen and vitamin c gel together everyday i think sometimes we take for granted natural ingredients and think its not really going to do anything and go for the harsher options im not sayi
  4. i have never tried the manuka honey but i have used the SBC propolis gel for about a year now on and off as one bottle last that long for me my skin heals ALOT quicker when i have spots and i have been naughty and picked at them i put this gel on and it really works at healing the skin better when i first got it i didnt use it for ages as i didnt really know what to use it on but then as soon as i did i got addicted and it became a part of my daily routine i definetly noticed my skin broke
  5. yeah the 45% is online on a website i found ...and its also on amazon with a prescription
  6. just reading your blog lots of great info right now im doing a skinculture peel to start from fresh on the skin however i noticed the talk about honey on the face i use propolis gel and its amazing! i didnt think it actually worked until i stopped using it i was like hhhmmm my face seems to be breaking out more than normal i realised its was the propolis gel i put it on overnight and in the day its amazing!
  7. i use active ingrediants on my face so i think my skin is used to it glycolics etc but i am intrested in the nucelle as its said to be less irratating on the skin we will see anyway but i think i will buy the 45% nucelle solution at a later stage as i have uneven skin tone on the body and i am looking for a deeper effect than say a body scrub
  8. what is 45% equal to to glycolic? i have never used nucelle i have ordered the 15% but i am intrested in the 45% for the body to smooth the skin even skin tone etc
  9. has anyone tried the 45% serum from nucelle?
  10. wow vivi your results are amazing! it seems like this suff works beter on black skin than the other acids i have sen a couple other black girls say it really worked on there pigmentation i have awful pigmentation from a disater peel i wonder f this would work?...i looked nucelle up and saw there is a 45% serum so you could get even quicker results!