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  1. Hey, just a couple days ago I caved and tried a product with hydroquinone for the first time and I can tell that my skin reacted the same way. My skin got significantly redder on areas exposed to the product. Like you said, hopefully this is just an initial reaction and things will improve later on.
  2. I'm pretty sure that would be fine.
  3. hey guys, just wanted to say that I've been using this for just over two weeks but unfortunately have noticed no difference or any improvement in my red marks
  4. Hi, I think I'm in the same boat as you in that the 15% mandelic serum rids my face of any active acne fairly quickly but leaves behind a layer of dead skin that leads to congested pores so it's like a non-ending cycle. Anyways, I was thinking of picking up some finacea to accelerate the healing of my red marks but see that you dropped it from your regimen. Can you tell me how effective you've found it for treating red marks and why you dropped it? Thanks for any help.
  5. This probably doesn't mean much to you but I was put on prednisone when I was younger but only to treat my asthma at the time.
  6. Hi, I just recently ordered financea from an Australian pharmacy but just realized that I might not be able to import it into Canada since it's a prescription product here. Does anyone know for sure if I can or cannot bring it in or had any experience with this. I'd post this in the Canadian supplies section but it's pretty dead there. Thanks for any help.
  7. I don't think it should be a problem. I've been using mandelic acid (an AHA) to fade acne marks but find that it's also very effective in treating active acne so it's like the total package.
  8. Hi, congrats on finding something that works for you. Just wondering since you've been using mandelic acid for a while, can excessive use cause pre-mature peeling on active acne that could possibly lead to scarring? Thanks for the reply
  9. Can anyone recommend any good sources of protein other than whey protein shakes or gorging on meat? I'm trying to gain some muscle mass as I'm super skinny for my height and I find that protein shakes break me out.
  10. Unless there are customs to pay, no you don't need to pay anything else for UPS.